Streamline Your End-to-End Hiring Needs with Recruitment Outsourcing

Streamline Your End-to-End Hiring Needs with Recruitment Outsourcing

Finding the right employees means more than sifting through piles of applications to determine the ideal candidate with the best skills, knowledge and attitude. It is a complex process, but one that can be made easier by recruitment outsourcing.

The recruitment process can be quite challenging. A study revealed that 72.8% or nearly three-quarters of the recruiters surveyed have a difficulty finding skilled candidates that best fit the open roles.

If your company is faced with these challenges, one way to respond to this challenge is to streamline your hiring process by partnering with a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) service provider.

What is Recruitment Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a specific form of business process outsourcing (BPO) that deals with enlisting the services of an external provider to manage recruiting efforts of your company.

The RPO service provider will handle your recruitment processes, whether in part or from start to finish. Moreover, the RPO may either provide its own staff to fulfill your needs or manage your own company’s resources and methodologies, while generating reports of the recruiting process.

What makes the RPO different from employment or staffing agencies is that it has the expertise to design and manage your company’s recruitment process. RPO providers  are also responsible for the outcome, making them a partner rather than merely an external vendor.

Types of Engagement

There are three models of RPO engagements:


In this type, the RPO is contractually bound to deliver specific tasks at a pre-determined time. They will have a qualified expert on board that has an in-depth knowledge of the client, including their messaging, processes, and desired results.


The RPO fulfills part of your recruitment needs. For example, their experts can handle the recruitment process of either your whole company or just one division such as IT.


In this model, the RPO handles the entire function of the recruitment process and provide you with access to its full scale of resources.

Recruiting Agency versus Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The hiring manager of your company understands how difficult it is to find the right people to fill vacancies. According to the Center for American Progress research, a business could spend 16% to a whopping 213% of an employee’s annual salary in replacing an employee. This expenditure takes into account the productivity losses as a result of the attrition, the cost of hiring and training a new employee, and the learning curve of the new employee.

For this reason, hiring managers are stringent in choosing the best of the best.

While it sounds like seeking the services of a recruiting agency might be the answer to this business need, it may not always be the best response. A recruiting agency will have a pool of potential employees and may be able to fill the vacant position. However, the client’s brand may not be a priority of recruitment agencies.

On the other hand, RPOs do a better job in that they care more about finding the ideal candidate that fits your brand. Because the ultimate goal is to improve the overall recruiting process of your organization, RPOs avoid the practice of temporary staffing in the hope that someone sticks around. Instead, they offer every employment need, monitor the effectiveness of the recruitment process and measure outcomes.

In short, and RPO works to build a longer-term and deeper relationship with your business.

The Recruitment Process in an RPO

When you partner with an RPO service provider, the hiring process begins when the consultant requests a meeting with your hiring manager to create a job list. At this meeting, both parties will agree on a strategy and proceed with sourcing talents. They will then move to shortlisting candidates by screening resumes.

The shortlist will further be reduced through initial phone interviews. As soon as the candidates’ list is streamlined, the RPO provider will present it to your organization’s hiring manager. For the face-to-face interview, the RPO will use tools such as questions and methods to help your organization evaluate and carefully sift through the shortlisted applicants.

A debriefing with your hiring manager will then ensue after the interview to determine the best candidate for the position.

An RPO’s services do not end after an employee is chosen. Depending on your business needs, RPO services may continue in the form of reference checks, skills assessments, acceptance negotiations and recommendations on start date as part of the onboarding process.

They will also collect feedback and data on the recruitment process from the hiring manager and present a measurement of the outcomes to improve the efficiency of the hiring process.

Benefits of RPO

In summary, RPOs can help your organization achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce the cost of hiring
  • Shorten hiring time
  • Open additional channels for sourcing talent
  • Tailor the recruitment process to improve quality of hire
  • Increase productivity by delivering long-term talent
  • Access to scalable services depending on your organization’s needs
  • Access to hiring experts

Services Provided by the RPO

Overall Hiring Help

RPOs can help the hiring manager become well-equipped with efficient techniques and methods in recruiting potential employees. From drafting a job list to evaluating the whole process, professional recruitment outsourcing can be a one-stop solution for your company.


RPOs can offer consultation services for any agency. They can assess your organization’s current recruitment process and find key areas that need improvement.


RPOs can provide a monitoring system concerning your recruitment efforts. From databases to real-time portals, you can find their measuring tools handy for improving your hiring process.


RPOs usually use the latest technology to keep up with the demands of employment. They have integrated technology and sure-fire techniques to make sure that the people hired through their methods could fit right into the company.

Should You Partner with an RPO?

If you are having trouble finding talented people to work for your company, consider hiring a reliable and expert recruitment process outsourcing firm that can help you find the right talent and streamline your hiring processes.

At Your Employees Offshore, we are responsive to your business needs, understand your company culture, and have the expertise to attract the right candidates to reduce your hiring costs. Contact us today to learn more.