The paramount cybersecurity of our clients, employees, and the company is embedded in our work.

We are motivated by our commitment to protect our business and yours from cybersecurity risk. We at Yempo hold in high regard our clients and employees’ privacy and safety with our IT security best practices.

24/7 Trustworthy Protection. Minimal Exposure.

Yempo’s data security solutions and features will provide you with peace of mind as you enter the new world of offshore outsourcing.  The Yempo team, led by Australian IT specialists conducts high-level security and a variety of tested procedures using the latest technologies and techniques

    Providing Clients with Globally compliant ICT Solutions

    Our long-term success has been largely attributed to our ongoing investments in IT infrastructure and technology. In our view, delivering a highly effective offshore team requires oversight of the workers and the data.

    We constantly provide flexible and dependable IT security solutions for all of our clients, from SMEs to large businesses. Our IT infrastructure, which was built in accordance with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, is supported by redundant, automatic fail-over, and IT support in each of our offices.

    Our IT Infrastructure Framework’s salient features are:

    • Redundant ISP Connections (In-office)
    • VLAN segregation per client with high-level security protocols. Designed to be upgradable, expandable, and flexible to change with the needs and circumstances of the client.

      Strong and reliable IT Security and Data Privacy

      Logical (authentication, encryption, secure passwords) and physical (biometric and CCTV) security are present in  our systems, our offices, satellite offices and co-working spaces.

      Work-from-home staff devices are equipped with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to help protect against, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. Providing you with the privacy you require to concentrate on expanding your business

        IT Standards & ISO Compliance

        Yempo will in 2024 obtain its ISO 27001 accreditation, the industry-recognized definition of an information security management system (ISMS).

        • Access Control
        • Information Security Policy Arrangement
        • Asset Management
        • Information Security Incident Management
        • Human Resources Security
        • Information Systems Acquisition, Development & Maintenance
        • ISO Compliance
        • Physical and Environmental Security
        • Business Continuity Management
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