“Yempo really does give you your own quality employees. You select and work with them whilst Michelle and the team manage everything else.”

Peter Hildebrandt, Chief Operating Officer

“I wish we’d met years ago! Don’t change anything as both service and quality are great. I’d recommend Yempo to anyone.”

Simon Joyce, Director & Founder

Struggling to attract and retain
quality affordable local talent?

Ron Rosenbaum
Managing Director

Yempo is a great company. If we need to expand, it’s no stress.”

High turnover rates affecting

Warwick Matthews
Identity Consultant

“As a small business we can’t afford high churn rates. People like working for Yempo, so when they join, they stay.”

Need to free up management time from HR and talent issues?

David Dennis
Managing Director

“Yempo provides a seamless, supportive, end to end process. Michelle is incredibly accessible and problems get solved fast.”

Need for high quality client facing

Simon Joyce
Director & Founder

“We wanted to find local stuff but couldn’t. Yempo gives us the senior IT expertise that other outsourcers cannot provide.”

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The Yempo Difference

High Caliber Staff

We source the most qualified staff for your company using our reputation as a premium employer.

Cost Savings

Top talent in the Philippines can reduce your employment costs by up to 85%.

Amazing Culture

Our strong positive culture keeps our employees engaged. We can also support you in instilling your own company culture.

Modern Technology

New desktop equipment plus redundant high-speed fiber internet is available in all of our offices.

Happy Employees

We provide top benefits and work with highly professional clients to ensure our staff are engaged.

Flexible Options

No long-term contracts and easy exit arrangement provide you with more confidence to become a Yempo client.

Michelle Fiegehen, CEO

Michelle knows everyone by name and her staff warmly greet her. Yempo treats people well so there is a ‘fit’ with out business

David Dennis, Managing Director, FiveP

The buck stops with Michelle, our super experienced Australian senior director (IT and Finance) who resides in the Philippines. Every Yempo client has access to, and spends time with Michelle.

Seemingly impossible? No. Michelle has built an expert team of local managers who work alongside her. It’s a combination of Western experience and local knowledge that creates such fantastic outcomes for our clients.

Michelle sets the professional and values-driven tone. She’s always accessible and is unique in my experience.

Peter Hildebrandt, Chief Operating Officer, Respiri

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Ian Parkin, Director of Operations

Ian is an IT professional. An addict to tech, he has chased his tech kicks all around the globe, working in the UK, USA, and across Asia. Ian’s home now? Australia.

Ian’s a proper ‘Dr. Who’ and has lead teams located across multiple time-zones and cultures as well as delivering solutions through offshore service centres.

Our MSP clients value Ian’s tech expertise and focus upon providing uninterrupted services.

Riza Tendero, Director of HR Operations

Riza is a senior Filipina HR professional with a Bachelor of Psychology and over 15 years experience covering all facets of HR Management.

She has been a key decision maker in offshoring business of all sizes, bringing a wealth of experience to the Yempo team. Riza has company-wide HR accountability supported by her team of HR professionals.

Skippher Lumbab, Business Intelligence Manager

Skippher has the honor of being our longest tenured employee.

Skippher joined us way back in March 2015 as a client facing data analyst and has grown and developed into his current role as the manager of our Business Intelligence team. His team delivers reports and invoices to clients, and most importantly, our weekly employee payroll to hundreds of staff.

“We were hesitant to offshore, but Yempo offers
us great staff that we know are well
looked after.”

Ron Rosenbaum, Managing Director

“Yempo gives us access to a cost-effective pool of high-quality candidates, plus great advice. Yempo is a good employer from the perspective of local Philippines staff.”

Kirsten Forrester, CEO

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