Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is embodied in Yempo’s culture and its core values.


 We recognise the importance of giving back to the community and are committed to making a difference to the needy in the Philippines. Community and  Commitment are 2 of our 3 core values!

From inception, since our first year of operation in 2015, we have raised funds and visited worthy children’s causes in both Cebu and Manila. Our annual visits to orphanages, hospices and homes for the destitute proved popular with our staff, who contribute cash, gifts and clothing, and joined us to play games and share joy with disadvantaged Filipinos.

Yempo attracts the type of clients that donate to our causes, as does Yempo’s management and staff. 100% of funds raised from our annual retired asset auctions are also donated to these charities. And we were delighted to add a mid-year charitable donation to Animal Welfare charities in 2023.

Some of the recipients of our regular donations include:

  • Jaden & Friends in Manila, providing support for disadvantaged children needing lifesaving cardiac procedures
  • Island Rescue Organisation in Cebu, promoting responsible pet ownership and rescue, vaccination and spay/neuter events for homeless animals
  • Bahay ni Maria in Manila, a home for the abandoned elderly, persons with special needs and orphaned children
  • Children’s Joy Foundation in Cebu, an orphanage for disadvantaged, abandoned and neglected children
  • Everlasting Hope Foundation in Cebu, providing support for disadvantaged children with cancer
  • Inawaya School Cebu – a primary school for disadvantaged children