• The Philippines based IT & Development skillsets that others are adding to their teams in 2024. 
  • Understand market drivers: the ‘heart’, economic, commercial, and technology factors behind the demand for offshore IT talent.  
  • Know if competitors that use offshore talent are gaining an unfair advantage over your business. 
  • Checklist. Is adding offshore IT talent right for your business? 

“Excellent English and shared time zones makes working with our Philippines based team very easy.” – Chris Gilligan, Compliance Data Lab (Yempo client) 

The most in demand offshore IT roles are: 

Growth of IT Outsourcing in Australia

The growth of the global IT outsourcing market is rapidly accelerating. So, why should you consider adding offshore IT talent to your team?  

These IT skillsets are in high demand by our clients:

Are you finding it easy to recruit for these roles? 

‘’Yempo offers us great staff that we know are well looked after.’’ – Ron Rosenbaum, The IT Agency (Yempo client) 

What’s driving demand for offshore IT talent? 

Four Key Drivers in IT

‘Save on salaries’ has long been the IT outsourcers’ rallying cry. Yet, our experience is that decisions to add offshore talent to teams are significantly more complex. After all, it’s long been possible to save salaries via this route. What’s so different now? What’s accelerating demand? 

We see four key drivers: 

  • Hearts catching up with heads 
  • Economic Necessities 
  • Competitive Threats 
  • Technology Enablers 

We’ll explain these in more detail. You can then decide which of these apply to your own organisation(s). 

A shift from ‘feels new’ to ‘new normal’.

We like saving costs. But we don’t like risk. Most of us prefer choices that are certain to give us outcomes we want. We avoid the new, the unfamiliar. 

Penetration of Target Market

Until recently adding outsourced IT talent to your team may have felt like a brave choice: 

  • Will the talent be as good as we can hire locally? 
  • What will clients think? Colleagues think?  
  • Will offshore team members be treated well? 
  • How will we comply with local HR legislation? 
  • But now, the model is well-proven. The risks are negligible.  

Michelle is a big plus since having an Australian running Yempo helps align cultural values.” – Andrea Harris, CFO, Powertech (Yempo Client) 

Hiring in-country IT talent’s increasingly challenging.  

Clients report increasing competition for local accountancy talent. The impacts they’ve shared include: 

  • Rising salary costs 
  • Increased staff turnover 
  • More management time allocated to recruitment 
  • More management time allocated to training 
  • Less time for business leaders to focus on growth 

IT Client Testimonial

Do these issues feel familiar? If so, then you’re far from alone! Being able to afford and free local leadership to focus upon growth is a key goal for most of our clients. Offshore IT talent makes this possible. It keeps them efficient. 

“Our business benefits from significant productivity gains vs. hiring in-country.” – Russell Khan, Head of People and Culture (Yempo client) 

IT Services Pie Chart

Most of our clients blend local and offshore IT talent.  

Aside from keeping them competitive, this gives them cover for holidays and time zones that can’t be matched by in-country staffed competitors. 

‘’Our Yempo team means we can provide continuity of service to our clients across public holidays.’’ – Russell Khan, Head of People and Culture (Yempo client) 

Shared systems = one team, low risk.

Cloud IT systems have changed perceptions about who needs to be ‘local’ vs. ‘anywhere’.  

‘One team’ working across local and offshore IT team members has become everyday easy. 

  • Tools are shared by in-country and remote teams. 
  • Communications are instant. 
  • Tasks are simple to allocate & track. 
  • Performance monitoring is simple. 

Result? Offshore IT talent can directly interact with your clients…as well as completing ‘back office’ processes. 

Industry Cloud Platform Evolution

“Other outsourcers give developers poor, slow, equipment despite promises made. This slows productivity. Yempo makes getting the right tech easy.” – Warwick Matthews,​​​​ Compliance Data Lab (Yempo client) 

Assess if competitors using offshore talent have gained an unfair advantage vs. your business 

  • Go to Instant Quote Tool, select your currency. 
  • Input IT skillsets you use. 
  • Compare costs vs. local hires…year one, over three years. 
  • You’ll know the potential for salary savings. 
  • You’ll know the potential to add capacity for the same cost(s). 

‘’We wanted to find local staff but couldn’t. Yempo gives us the senior IT expertise that other outsourcers cannot provide.’’ – Ron Rosenbaum, The IT Agency (Yempo client) 


Is adding offshore accountancy talent right for your business? If you answer ‘Y’ to more than three questions, then let’s chat. 

Resource Pain Point - IT

‘’I met with other outsourcers and was not comfortable with the way they treat their staff. Michelle knows everyone by name and her staff warmly greet her. Yempo treats people well so there is a ‘fit’ with our business.’’ – David Dennis, FiveP (Yempo client) 

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