Yempo is staffed by experienced, mature professionals who keep the business ticking over like a well oiled machine. With Yempo’s CEO Michelle Fiegehen being resident in the Philippines and extremely hands-on, prospective and existing clients have direct, ready access to her for any matters that arise.

Yempo is proud to have a long-tenured, highly responsive support team, that treats all stakeholders – clients, employees, colleagues and suppliers – like clients.  

Michelle Fiegehen, CEO

Michelle Fiegehen is an Aussie now residing in the Philippines, overseeing and building the Yempo teams in Manila, Cebu and beyond. A former IT Director in the Finance sector, she has decades of experience building and leading multi-disciplinary delivery teams around the globe. 

Ian Parkin, Director of Operations

Ian Parkin has extensive experience leading teams located across multiple time-zones and cultures as well as delivering solutions through offshore service centres. Ian’s background includes specializing in the technical integration aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

Riza, Director of People & Culture

Riza is a senior Filipina HR professional with a Bachelor of Psychology and over 20 years experience covering all facets of HR Management. She brings a wealth of experience leading the Yempo People & Culture team across all Yempo sites.

Skippher, Business Intelligence Manager

Skippher has the honor of being Yempo’s longest tenured employee and now manages the Business Intelligence Team. This critical function delivers reports and invoices to clients and most importantly, our weekly employee payroll to hundreds of staff.

Des, Talent Acquisition Manager

Sourcing and securing top talent is a critical function at Yempo, and Des is our in-house maven, leading a team of recruiters adept at hunting down the best talent in the market to meet clients’ needs and ensuring they receive salary and benefits guaranteed to secure loyalty.

Ben, People & Culture Manager

Ben knows People & Culture inside-out, which also means he has a deep understanding of the Philippine labour code. Ben handles a range of employee matters from engagement with Yempo, to addressing concerns from either employees or clients.

Jep, ICT Manager

Jep heads up Yempo’s ICT team, keeping all the balls in the air within this diverse function. His team maintains our employees’ IT kit as well as our office infrastructure, ensures IT and data security and consults and guides clients on their technical requirements.  

Rizza, Finance Manager

Rizza and the finance function keep the money flowing. Yempo’s unique weekly employee payrun means Rizza’s team is busy ensuring funds are in the right place at the right time, while maintaining full compliance with the Philippines complex and often-changing statutory requirements.

Rad, Process & Automation Manager

Rad combines his passion for process improvement in an Agile framework with his goal for Yempo to achieve operational excellence. By streamlining processes and implementing automated solutions, Rad helps Yempo keep client costs down.

Eli, Sales & Marketing Manager

Eli and her team ensure Yempo’s brand is positively represented in the marketplace as well implementing solutions to drive growth. Growth enables Yempo to operate in a cost efficient manner and gain economies of scale with employee benefits.

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