Finance & Accountancy Outsourcing Case Study

Outsourced accountancy team for a growing Australian accountancy consultancy.

Lumen delivers accountancy solutions for not-for-profits.

Outcomes Lumen reports from engaging Yempo:

  • Started with a team of two Philippines based accountancy resources and grew to a team of four.
  • A lower cost base that allows Lumen to offer services at reasonable prices: clients feel like they get value for money.
  • High quality accountancy staff with excellent attention to detail.
  • A relationship with Yempo that’s driven by ‘how can I help?’, not ‘what can I sell you?’

“I’ve been asked why we don’t directly hire Philippines based talent. My answer is that the knowledge that Yempo has, ensuring compliance with local labour legislation is worth its weight in gold.’’

Jacki McAvenna, Founder, Lumen

IT & Development Outsourcing Case Study

Offshore, Philippines based IT expertise that’s enabling an IT business to scale.

Microsoft Solutions Partner, The IT Agency, offers a comprehensive range of IT & Telecoms Services.

Outcomes The IT Agency reports from engaging Yempo:

  • Complete compliance with local employment legislation.
  • Access to senior IT expertise that’s hard to recruit in Australia.
  • The confidence needed to build an offshore team for the first time.
  • Great staff that are well looked after.

“Yempo gives us access to the senior IT expertise that other outsourcers cannot provide.”

Ron Rosenbaum, The IT Agency

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Finance & Accountancy Outsourcing Case Study

Philippines based accountancy team for an Australian accountancy consultancy.

Accounting for Good provides accountancy services for not for profits.

Outcomes Accounting for Good reports from engaging Yempo:

  • Cost effective.
  • Access to high quality candidates. Australian talent is in very short supply.
  • Very genuine leadership with structured processes.
  • Compliance advice. Michelle understands the Philippines labour market & legislation.

“Yempo is a good employer from the perspective of local, Philippines, staff.’

Kirsten Forrester, CEO, Accounting for Good

Accountancy, IT & Development Outsourcing Case Study

Outsourced accountancy & IT teams for an Australian engineering company.

Powertech provides services to the Australian mining sector.

Outcomes Powertech reports from engaging Yempo:

  • An offshore team of 14.
  • You don’t just get given people. We recruit for our own team even though, technically, team members work for Yempo.
  • A process driven team that reliably gets on with their jobs.
  • English skills are excellent.
  • A dedicated, reliable, consistent team with a great work ethic, that’s well looked after.

“Incoming calls to our Perth number are answered by anyone in our team – Australia and Philippines – and clients can’t tell the difference.’’

Andrea Harris, CFO, Powertech

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Accountancy & Finance Outsourcing Case Study

Accountancy resources for an Australian auditor.

SDJA Audit Specialists serves the not-for-profit and private sectors.

Outcomes SDJA Audit Specialists reports from engaging Yempo:

  • Peace of mind. A one-stop shop from job spec to ad, interview, employment, admin, tech, payroll. ​
  • Yempo provides a necessary response to the shortage of quality, Australian labour.​
  • Yempo’s fully integrated model means they are an extension of our local team. Our clients don’t know the difference. ​
  • Yempo looks after their team members, and staff are happy to come to work.

Don’t change anything as both service and quality are great. I’d recommend Yempo to anyone.’’ 

Simon Joyce, Director, SDJA Audit Specialists

IT & Development Outsourcing Case Study

Philippines based offshore IT team for a Japanese/Australian data business.

Compliance Data Lab provides advanced compliance management solutions.

Outcomes Compliance Data Lab reports from engaging Yempo:

  • Better skills than we can hire locally.
  • The first offshoring company that we’ve found where delivery exceeds what we expected.
  • Excellent English and shared time zones make working with our Philippines-based team very easy.
  • Excellent technology. Yempo makes getting the right tech easy.

‘’Interviewing, contracting, hitting dates, invoicing…it’s been so easy…we thought there must be a catch!

Warwick Matthews & Chris Gilligan, Compliance Data Lab

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IT & Development Outsourcing Case Study

Philippines based IT & development team for an IT consultancy.

Australian provider of Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 services.

Outcomes FiveP reports from engaging Yempo:

  • Yempo treats people well so there is a ‘fit’ with our business.
  • Peace of mind. An employer who fully understands local labour laws.
  • Efficient and effective end to end processes that free the time of FiveP’s leaders.
  • A seamless, supportive, end to end process.

“Michelle is incredibly accessible, and problems get solved fast.”

David Dennis, Managing Director, FiveP

IT & Development Outsourcing Case Study

Philippines based IT resources for a medical technology company.

Respiri is a MedTech provider that enables wheeze detection.

Outcomes Respiri reports from engaging Yempo:

  • It’s like working with a local partner even down to paying in our local currency.
  • It really is your team in the Philippines as opposed to an outsource arrangement.
  • Michelle, Yempo’s CEO, sets the professional and values driven tone; she’s always accessible.
  • A seamless, supportive, end to end process.

Yempo really does give you your own quality employees. You select and work with them whilst Michelle and team manage everything else – HR, contracts, IT, recruitment.” 

Peter Hildebrandt, Respiri

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IT & Development Outsourcing Case Study

Offshore IT resources for an IT company.

OneStop provides software solutions for supply chain workflow management.

Outcomes OneStop reports from engaging Yempo:

  • The OneStop team Yempo provides feels like part of our company. Yempo is like an invisible partner.
  • Our business benefits from significant productivity gains vs. hiring in-country.
  • Our Yempo team means we can provide continuity of service to our clients across public holidays.
  • Yempo’s Australian, Philippines based CEO understands the Australian way of doing business.

Yempo is the right business partner to support and grow your business.” 

Russell Khan, Head of People and Culture, OneStop