Outsourced IT and Development staff in the Philippines

Yempo is the specialist provider of outsourced IT and Development staff in the Philippines. IT and Development talent is in abundant supply in the Philippines, where staff are English speaking and have experience in a wide range of technologies. Clients access offshore IT and Development talent at costs that can be 70% lower than the cost of equivalent in-country hires. 

Almost every organisation requires IT skills to ensure cyber security, to deliver IT helpdesk services and maintain systems. Many need teams of front and back-end developers, data analysts and testers. The result? Demand for IT professionals in Australia, USA, New Zealand, and the UK outstrips supply. 

“Yempo really does give you your own quality IT and technology employees. You select and work with them whilst Michelle and her team manage everything else – HR, contracts, IT, recruitment.”

Peter Hildebrandt, Director, Respiri

Hire Offshore IT and Development talent more easily than in-country recruitment

We enable you to hire dedicated offshore IT & Development talent while we take care of everything else. Recruitment processes, HR, technology, payroll, compliance. You simply onboard your offshore IT & Development team members in the same way that you would for any new employee(s).  

“Interviewing, contracting, hitting dates, invoicing…it’s all been so easy that we thought there must be a catch!”

Chris Gilligan, Compliance Data Lab

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Because Yempo is the specialist provider of Philippines based IT & Development resources, clients can hire from the full range of IT skillsets…from L1 Service Desk Supports, to Full Stack Developers. Offshore IT and Development talent that you can add to your team includes:

“We have a lot of experience with offshoring and Yempo is the first company we’ve found where delivery exceeds what we expected”

Warwick Matthews, Compliance Data Lab

  • Access the top 5% of Philippines IT & Development talent.
  • Easy issue resolution via direct access to Michelle Fiegehen, Yempo’s Western CEO and a resident in the Philippines.
  • Low churn rates. Typically, team members stay for 5+ years.
  • English language capability is excellent in the Philippines.
  • Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand time zones overlap.
  • In-day and out of day support across the USA and UK.
  • More flexible, multi-skilled, talent than available from India.
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