Why Yempo Is The One-Stop Provider For Your Outsourcing Needs

For many years, outsourcing has been helping companies with their day-to-day operations. The main goal of outsourcing is to delegate daily mundane tasks and allow companies to focus on their core business. Outsourcing means freeing up internal resources, mostly for managerial positions, so they can spend their time on income-generating activities.

Needless to say, outsourcing can help you reduce and control operating costs. But cost-saving should not be the only thing to consider. In choosing an outsourcing partner, make sure that you are given access to a world-class workforce. Not only that, it should be one that takes transparency and open communication seriously.

At Yempo, we take pride in bearing those essential factors while providing customized teams to meet your specific requirements. We have rigid screening of candidates and we have processes in place to ensure consistent quality of output. We offer outsourcing services that are most in demand in the industry.

Here we break down the reasons why Yempo is your one-stop provider for outsourcing needs.

We Give You an Edge in Your Information Technology Business

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In a global research conducted by Deloitte in 2016, Information Technology came out to be the most outsourced function. This is not a surprise. IT outsourcing comes with a number of perks. It helps control your IT costs since you will only be paying for what you use when you need it.  It also reduces labor costs because you won’t have to hire and train new staff and provide them with costly company benefits.

Yempo ensures to equip you with only highly trained, experienced, qualified, and in special cases, certified team members. You can also expect quick implementation of new technology. This is another gain when you outsource. Handling the same project in-house might involve weeks or months to hire the right people, train them, and provide the support they need. But Yempo can bring you competent specialists to save you time and money.

Moreover, most small businesses may not have the means to match the in-house support services that bigger organizations maintain. But outsourcing with Yempo will help you gain access to the similar technology and expertise that large companies enjoy. We take care of cost structure and economy of scale to give your company a competitive edge.

We Provide You With Seasoned Sales and Marketing Specialists

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Although technically they have different functions, sales and marketing go hand in hand in most organizations. Amid the growing use of automation, sales and marketing remain to need specialist knowledge. So, with the right partner, these can be conveniently outsourced.

Having an experienced and reliable outsourced team mitigates risk of operational inefficiencies, and greatly decreases the cost of hiring and retaining an internal sales and marketing staff. Yempo, having been experienced in the field of sales and marketing, can give you access to teams that are on the cutting edge of marketing and sales methodology.

It’s no denying that digital marketing now plays a vital role in many businesses. And when it comes to digital marketing, we have Social Media Solutions which is backed by a team of experts in providing businesses high value-for-cost digital marketing services that will help them achieve their business objectives. With SMS, your website traffic can turn into customers using flexible, affordable, and effective digital marketing services.

We Take Care of Your Financial Management Concerns

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The practice of proper financial accounting procedures and bookkeeping can say a lot of a company’s financial health. But running these processes in-house can be expensive. Outsourcing it therefore offers a smart alternative. After all, accounting is an operation that spans all year round.

A lot of companies are outsourcing their finance management. In fact, finance is the second most outsourced function globally because of the specialization of various accounting firms in this field. There are many benefits of outsourcing finance, such as fraud prevention and daily monitoring.  Yempo makes sure that you get to experience these advantages through our highly skilled bookkeepers, auditors, financial accountant, and other financial staff that you may need.

We offer you your very own dedicated team for your accounting processes.  We allocate trained professionals to work on the vast quantity of data that your accounting entails. Finance outsourcing requires qualified chartered accountants and people with financial background that can implement right strategies and system choices. In the end, you will get more by spending less, rather than maintaining finance system internally.

We Make Business Administration Hassle-Free

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Every organization has a back-end support. While business administration is a role that is usually performed internally, it’s important to note that this also encompasses tasks that are easily delegated. Scheduling, travel arrangements, data entry, typing, and other administrative tasks can usually be handled by a virtual assistant or administrative service.

Yempo offers high-calibre, well-trained staff with excellent English language capability because we understand that, though not usually core business activities, administrative tasks are crucial to the proper functioning of any business. Whether you’re looking for a transcriber, researcher, data entry clerk, or office administrator, we have you covered. To learn more, contact us today!