The Pandemic Is Changing the Way We Work. Outsourcing Is an Option!

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted the way businesses function, the way we work, and even the outsourcing industry. One consequence is the drastically reduced use of office space as a result of employees working remotely from home.

The added flexibility of working remotely has gained workers more personal time in avoiding the daily commute and in changes to their work habits at home. In a few months’ time, remote work arrangements have become deeply entrenched that employers might be hard put to request staff to return to the office environment even when the pandemic has been contained.

In a recent survey conducted by getabstract, it was found that 43 percent of full-time workers in the US still preferred working remotely even after the pandemic. They have cited productivity gains, added flexibility, and the absence of commute as their primary reasons.

There is a strong possibility that workers the world over have the same sentiment. It looks like remote working is gaining prominence globally and is here to stay.

Why It Makes Sense to Outsource in These Interesting Times

As remote work has been practiced more in recent years, the attitude toward work has shifted, according to a PriceWaterhouseCoopers report. Several government agencies, businesses, news organizations, and academic institutions provided insight into the flexibility in the marketplace brought by remote working.

In the Philippines, the business process outsourcing industry has adjusted to the times, enabling their employees to work from home (WFH) while still offering the best benefits to clients. In the wake of the shift in physical work arrangements, more businesses are realizing that if a task can be done remotely, then it can be outsourced with these added benefits:

1. Increased Productivity and Lowered Stress

The stress of the daily commute could be one of the biggest roadblocks to productivity that remote work has eliminated. As per the CoSo Cloud report, remote workers feel working away from their cubicle helps them accomplish more tasks in the same amount of time. In another study, people claimed that they hit maximum productivity when they work alone.

Remote work lowers stress levels tremendously by reducing external elements that impact employees’ moods or morale. In a Stanford University study, it was found that job attrition rates fell by 50 percent with remote working options. Over 82 percent of professionals said that workers would remain loyal to their employers if they were provided flexible working options.

2. The Best Talent

Companies that offer remote work options have the luxury of scouring the earth to find the best person for their open roles. They are not restricted to working with a limited, local job market.

3. Lower Fixed Overheads

Remote working companies don’t have to worry about office space rental fees, utilities, and supplies.

4. Operating in a Results-based Environment

Outsourced or remote workers are judged mostly based on the quality of their work. Checking on how many coffee breaks has become so much less important, as long as the employee is delivering the desired results.

When you have a team where a developer is from one country, a social media manager in other and copywriter in the third, they simply focus on their work. There are no troublemakers, bullying, harassment, favoritism, or office politics that can bring the entire team down.

Tasks Can Be Outsourced

1. Administrative Tasks

Data entry, travel arrangements, scheduling, typing, and other basic administrative tasks can be managed by a virtual assistant. You just have to focus on the proper functioning of your business and core activities.

2. Customer Service and Lead Generation

Once you have reached an initial outreach as per your sales goals are concerned, you can let an expert remote team manage it on your behalf. It is more efficient to outsource customer support services than maintain a qualified team for the same purpose.

3. Finance and Accounting

You can outsource finance tasks such as bookkeeping, accounts maintenance, invoicing, financial reporting, analysis, and other tasks to the qualified team. Doing this will save you considerable hours and money.

4. Marketing

Effective marketing is crucial for your brand reputation. You can outsource your marketing tasks to an expert consultant who can create polished content and launch effective marketing campaigns for your products and services.

5. IT Operations & Human Resources

It can be expensive to manage IT operations in-house. To reap enormous benefits from an efficiently operating outsourced IT network, you can outsource your tasks to a pro if it is not your core skill or business activity. Human resources activities can be easily managed by a skilled, third-party agency that is up to date on the latest job standards, practices, and employment laws.

Essential Elements of Outsourcing

If you are looking for a trustworthy and world-class outsourcing partner, then make sure to hire someone reliable, experienced, demonstrates strong leadership, and more. When employing an outsourcing partner, check to see if they:

  • Have the initiative to learn about their client’s and the local working culture
  • Offer variable or flexible costs
  • Have clear service levels
  • Focus on expert responsibilities
  • Can assign dedicated staff
  • Have easy access to skills and resources
  • Offer flexibility to meet changing business needs
  • Are able to innovate

World-Class Outsourcing Provider

To be competitive in this global business world, many organizations have started considering outsourcing as a strategy to boost their productivity and business continuity. If you are considering a switch to get the best out of the outsourcing, contact us to learn how you can implement our outsourcing solutions in your business.