3 D’s Essential To Scaling Your Business

3 Ds Essential to Scaling Your Business

scaling your business

Scaling a business is challenging as it entails preparing the business for sustainable growth and ensuring it has the finances, human resources, plan, technology, and other requirements.

There are mainly three components of the business scaling:

  • Design
  • Document
  • Delegate


Design refers to the structuring of the processes and routines within the business that they may be performed efficiently, quickly, and affordably. Sacrificing quality for speed won’t produce good results. As a business grows, its processes become more complicated. To deal with the new complications, people need assistance from a management or from their peers.

It is wise for management to focus on the creation of policies and the procedures to guide employees, whether it is communication or documentation. Without these formal mechanisms, resolving process and policy issues become more difficult. At the design stage, it s wise to involve only an external expert and knowledgeable consultant. Employees in the organization can start to be involved in the latter stages to avoid spreading resentment, fear, and resistance to the impending change.


After the design stage, the next phase is documentation of the new policies which will be used as a reference in situations needing guidance. Improper documentation can again cause confusion. Documentation should be supported by appropriate charts, tables and other data and references to make it easy to understand. At this point, only share the documentation with relevant people or teams. Other teams must also be able to access only the documentation that is relevant to them.


Once documents are prepared and distributed to relevant departments, now comes the delegation of duties related to every process. Management of relevant departments should focus on training in and implementation of the procedure, as well as having regular checks to ensure smooth operations.


These are some steps to properly scale your business. These 3Ds will not only empower your business but also open the door of success for the prosperity of your business. If you are considering outsourcing to scale your business,  Yempo can assist by providing you with a pool of dedicated, skilled talent. To learn more, contact us today!