Outsourcing Digital Marketing Tasks for Your Business

Outsourcing Digital Marketing Tasks for Your Business

Time is a valuable thing in business. Entrepreneurs like you usually divide your time between operations and management. Scaling your company also involves effective marketing strategies, including digital marketing. For this reason, it’s important to consider outsourcing digital marketing tasks to a reliable and experienced outsourcing service provider.

Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing Tasks

The concept of outsourcing has been practiced for decades. Businesses in the 19th century hired outside workers for back-office and administrative functions. It was done to streamline costs and complete time-sensitive tasks. To this day, outsourcing digital marketing could offer these same benefits to help you grow your business.


Having a third party involved in various marketing tasks frees up much needed time for your staff to focus on core business responsibilities.


Outsourcing means eliminating the need to establish an entire in-house department and hire employees with salaries and benefits. As a result, outsourcing significantly reduces overhead costs or may enable your business to channel the funds toward other vital expenditures.

Insights and reports

Third-party experts are well-versed in fulfilling customer demand and satisfaction. They have a fresh perspective that can help you improve your digital marketing.

Increased productivity

Outsourcing your marketing needs can help boost productivity to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Agility and flexibility

Digital marketing trends come and go. Outsourcing experts in online advertising make business more flexible in setting up marketing plans and campaigns on a per-need basis.

5 Digital Marketing Tasks to Outsource

Now that you know why outsourcing is of great advantage to any enterprise, it’s a question of what tasks you can safely hand over to an external workforce to improve your digital marketing operations. Here are the tasks that digital marketing experts can perform:

Graphics design and creation

Images are an essential tool in digital marketing. Around 32% of digital marketing experts believe that visual content is the most important kind of content. Most businesses, however, only require a few image and banner design tasks per month to justify an in-house graphic designer. According to a study, a target audience may be exposed to 5,000 ads but only 12 will leave an impression on them.

Visual content is the most outsourced marketing task. Hiring a freelance graphic designer is essential, especially for jobs that require professional design knowledge, creativity and the latest technology to keep up with the times.

Google Adwords and Facebook ads

Google Adwords and Facebook ads may look simple to the naked eye, but it takes very deep expertise and effort to create an ad that catapults a business to the first page of search results. It’s a niche-specific task that also requires an outsourced worker who specializes in the field.

Keyword optimization takes knowledge and experience to perfect. Outsourcing Google Adwords ensures that your online advertisements stay relevant and authoritative in a highly condensed market.

Content writing

Good content, whether it be a blog, newsletter or guest post, content remains to be an effective way of ranking in search results and driving traffic to your website.

While it’s difficult to achieve all these assets, there are many content writers you can outsource online with relevant experience and skills to deliver high-quality content for your business.

Social media marketing

Social media has taken up quite a massive space in daily people’s lives. It is also where you will find leads and potential clients for your enterprise. The catch is that you have to understand the platform to use it for your company’s advantage.

An offshore marketer can help handle social media accounts and respond to inquiries, comments, and suggestions made by netizens. Engagement in digital marketing is critical to brand awareness and opens a channel for clients to build a lasting relationship with your enterprise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nowadays, SEO is what comes between your business and a potential target audience that can be converted to loyal customers. It is a highly specialized skill and needs ample experience to perfect. It is constantly evolving and should be molded to trends in marketing.

SEO should be fluid and adaptable to shifts in marketing behavior. A business that has competent SEO strategies such as efficient keyword research can earn your website organic searches and a specified target audience. Therefore, outsourcing the job to someone experienced or certified is a must.

Looking for Digital Marketing Experts?

Outsourcing digital marketing tasks, from menial to specialized ones can be the path that leads to a successful marketing campaign. Finding the right digital marketing outsourcing partner that can accomplish your requirements leads to better business growth and higher ROI.

For your business outsourcing needs, Yempo delivers only the best experts and technologies to help you stay on top of the trends consistently. For your digital marketing needs, contact us today!