Things to Consider in Selecting an Engineering Outsourcing Partner

As a company looking for the best engineering minds with the experience and skill, there are many factors worth considering before you make that all-important decision of hiring engineers from an engineering outsourcing partner.

In a nutshell, here are some of the critical factors your business should consider in selecting an engineering outsourcing partner:

  1.  Does your company have the sufficient bandwidth to tackle engineering projects? If not, you might have to look at outsourcing.
  2. Do your prospective engineering projects have tight and strict deadlines? Your company might have a team of highly skilled engineers, but if the workload and pressure of meeting deadlines prove too much, then perhaps it’s time to bring in some help in the form of outsourcing.
  3. Do you have on-site engineers that don’t have the specific skills, experience, and knowledge to tackle certain projects?
  4. How applicable are your business’s established internal processes to new projects? If these projects have few or none of the interdependencies, it’s a good idea to outsource them.
  5.  Are your engineering projects of utmost importance to the growth of your core business? If not, a reliable engineering outsourcing provider could take these projects off your hands so you can focus on your business.

Does Your Company Have the Bandwidth?

Your company might have a dedicated in-house team of engineers, but are they enough to work on the growing number of engineering projects? No company owner would want to turn down projects, but very few engineering teams are actually sitting idle. Partnering with a reputable engineering outsourcing firm to manage the incoming engineering projects would be a great option.

Do the Projects Have Tight, Strict Deadlines?

Engineering outsourcing firms are great at working with tight schedule, because their structure allows them to focus on clients and projects, enabling them to deliver faster. Another advantage of outsourcing is enabling your in-house engineers to focus on the main or major project at hand, thus helping them become more productive.

Do Your In-house Engineers Have the Expertise?

Some projects are a natural fit for your in-house engineering team’s skills, others might require knowledge that your current engineering team doesn’t have. This is not a knock on your employees, but just the reality of things. An engineering-outsourcing partner could help you solve this problem by bringing on board engineers with a wide range of skills at a cost-effective way. The engineering-outsourcing company might even help train your in-house engineering staff on new and important engineering technologies and software, aside from helping meet your company’s immediate needs.

Are Your Internal Processes Applicable to New Projects?

If the answer is yes, determine the projects you want to outsource and discuss them with the prospective outsourcing partner. It is likely that the outsourcing firm will need to orient or train their engineers on how to proceed or collaborate with your in-house engineers. If the answer is no, then there will be fewer adjustments and undocumented interdependencies for the outsourcing firm to implement.

Are the Projects Critical to Your Core Business Growth?

Successful business owners and company strategists untiringly focus on the one or two things that their company needs to do well, and then outsources the rest. For instance, if an engineering project is really an integral part of your core business, then it should stay with the internal staff. Other engineering projects should be outsourced to free up internal resources to help them focus on the most important projects—and growing your business.

If you are thinking of augmenting your lean engineering team with the help of an engineering outsourcing partner, consider Yempo to provide you a pool of expert and experienced staff members. To learn more, contact us today!