Getting Started Offshoring

In the video below, Yempo’s CEO Michelle Fiegehen describes how easy it is to get started with offshore outsourcing with Yempo, a premier BPO Company in the Philippines. Once you’ve overcome any concerns with remote employees, it’s just too easy! Here’s what she has to say.

Firstly, get in touch so we can have a chat. It’s important for your business and mine, that we are a good match to work together and the best way to determine that is a quick phone call. I’m available to meet with you on a video call, or I can call you directly, in your time zone.

Then, send us a job description for the role you are looking to fill. My recruitment team will do a market scan to determine the salary range for the skills and experience that you need. I will send you a spreadsheet and a proposal usually within 24 hours of getting the JD. It explains everything you need to know about working with us, and the spreadsheet shows you the complete breakdown of costs. No hidden extras, no surprises, in your currency.

Next, you will sign a Master Services Agreement with us. You don’t incur any costs until we make a hire for you, but the MSA of course lays out all the terms and conditions.

Once that’s signed, my recruitment team start sourcing for your vacancy. We prepare a customized application form specifically for your role and post a job ad on all the popular job boards in the Philippines.

Usually after 7-10 days, you will receive information about candidates that have been screened for your requirements. You will get their unedited CV, their application form and a complete cost profile for that person.

For the candidates that you choose to progress, we set up a video interview for you to meet them. We support whatever your recruitment processes are – if you have multiple interviews as part of your standard hiring, that’s fine. If you want them to do a technical test or assessment, we can facilitate.

When you’ve found the perfect fit, you just let us know and we prepare a Candidate Appointment Agreement for you to sign off, which outlines the exact costs, the same as we provided when we first introduced them to you. This is where you are making a 30-day commitment to the outlay. When that’s signed, we send an employment contract to the candidate and the recruitment process is complete.

On the employee’s first day with us, they will be onboarded into Yempo and then handed to you for onboarding into your business.

From that point in, it’s like our tag line says. It’s just as if they are Your Employees Offshore, and I’m your Philippines HR or Operations Manager.

Unique to Yempo – I am your Client Manager. Over time in our relationship, you will get to know other people who can provide you with support, but I am your primary contact and escalation point.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about getting started.