Choose Yempo for Your Outsourcing Needs to Cut Operational Costs, Enjoy other Benefits

It is prudent to carefully select an excellent firm when you decide to outsource portions of your business. In choosing a reliable outsourcing firm, you might already know that you should look for an enterprise that has the track record and experience, has a long-term workforce, employs professionals with a high proficiency in the English language, and is located in a stable country. Besides these underlying conditions, however, there are many other excellent reasons to choose Yempo.


Culture & Values

The professionals in the Philippines are honest, hard working, and committed. The staff demonstrate a respectful, helpful approach when interfacing with individuals from other countries, allowing Yempo to build its corporate culture on these quality core beliefs.

With the country’s population at a median age of 23, many young professionals are technology savvy. The Philippines is well-trained and -educated to meet the needs of overseas businesses.


Premium Staff

We have dedicated staff who remain with the company for the long term.  Our team appreciates the opportunity to work with high-quality clients while enjoying top benefits, and are highly capable of making astute suggestions on how they can best perform their tasks efficiently and to your specifications. To keep up-to-date in their field, our staff participate in regular training sessions.

All our staff undergo police and other security checks as a precautionary measure. In addition, they sign a confidentiality agreement upon commencing their work at Yempo. Your security is of utmost importance to us.

The government has recognized the significant contribution of the outsourcing industry in the economy by designing college courses to support this sector, with plans to move into areas such as artificial intelligence and robotics.


Transparent Pricing Model

Your fees consist of the direct salary of your outsourced staff plus a fixed monthly fee. This fixed monthly fee covers the cost of operating a professional workplace with the latest technology for your team, supervision and assistance should it be required, and processing expenses. This fee is at a competitive rate for a high-quality solution tailored to your needs.

While you will sign a contract for our services, there are no long-term contracts. You have the latitude to disengage from our service with a 30-day notice, incurring no penalty fees.


Modern Technology

“When it comes to one of the most popular (and certainly one of the most trusted) countries for business processing outsourcing (BPO) the Philippines has always been top choice,”  according to Digital Marketing Philippines. This impressive reputation is built on the most modern technology. “There is an availability of world-class telecommunications services with redundant international connectivity through submarine fiber optic cable networks complemented by satellite systems,” informs Interglobe Technologies.

Our work centers are outfitted with the same modern technology. If specialized software is required, our technology team will be delighted to accommodate your needs.


Experienced Management

Our dedicated management team at Yempo will collaborate with you to determine your needs before coming up with a tailor-made solution, whether it be for information technology, finance and accounting, engineering, administration and research, business development, human resources, digital marketing, and tasks designed explicitly for startups.

We realize the need for a time-sensitive approach, combined with the best value for all services. With our fast track team approach, we can get your product or service to your market quickly.

Flexible Options

Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, we can modify our services to fit your needs and budget. The managers at Yempo will design options, tools, education, and support for your staff so they can fully realize the benefits of outsourcing aspects of your business. All of the communication will occur with staff who are fluent in English. They take special care in assimilating with your company and in illuminating the cultural environment of both sides.

Our service includes locating the best experts in a variety of fields to meet your needs. From a short list of possible best fit employees, you will have the opportunity to interview the selection of candidates personally. We highly recommend that you take the time to meet these the candidates to have an idea if they are a fit for your company.

When you have decided on the best candidate, we can begin collaborating with your assigned staff who will train or be the new hire’s connection between your business and task completion. Yempo will supervise the new staff, while providing payroll and employee compliance.

Once the project is underway, we will ensure hat your new staff is fully committed to your firm. If any issues arise, we have a team of experts who will solve a variety of problems. Your satisfaction is our first priority.


Our Company Values

Yempo’s core values are Commitment, Excellence and Community. Based on this foundation, our senior management team has deep experience in managing teams across geographically diverse locations with an eye on cohesive relationships and in developing offshore service centers.

Are you considering outsourcing some of your operations? Contact us to find out how we can support your company.