Outsourcing Business Development

In order to grow your business effectively, you may be considering Outsourcing Business Development resources, and wonder how to go about hiring them. With the Philippines overtaking India many years ago as the call centre capital of the world, there are abundant English speaking resources who started their careers in call centres, but have grown their skills into effective Business Development specialists.

Depending on your requirements, you may need staff to support your onshore sales team – perhaps running reports, updating your CRM, following up leads and prospects. Or perhaps you need someone to own the Business Development process in its entirety – analysing the best source of leads, utilising tools such as  Linked In Sales Navigator, Lusha, Hubspot to extract information on your target audience.

A Business Development resource or team of resources can work in partnership with your marketing team to despatch email campaigns to your target market, and then perform follow up voice calls to progress the leads through your funnel. Or they can provide support to your onshore sales team to free them up for important face-to-face meetings.

However you structure your Business Development function, Yempo can support you by hiring the very best talent that is the perfect fit for your business, at a cost effective rate, and with no long term commitment. While we work with clients who are determined to make their offshore strategy successful, we want them to stay with Yempo because we deliver great results, not because they have locked in a contract.

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