Offshore Finance and Accounting

Accounting talent is in abundant supply in the Philippines and extremely cost effective. It’s one of the most common category of offshore roles in which Yempo specialises, and roles are filled quickly with loyal, talented staff.
Yempo’s clients have offshore finance resources in the areas of accountancy, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial analysis, financial management, account supervisory, management accountancy and finance reporting staff. We provide staff to companies with requirements for finance people as back office workers, and also to accounting companies where staff are doing the books for their clients.

Clients that have outsourced their financial activities with Yempo-based staff have improved the turnaround of compliance reporting, internal accounts management and a host of other activities. Popular roles to outsource range from a qualified CPA to a junior bookkeeper accounts payable, receivable, payroll specialist and financial reporting analyst. Yempo can supply the exact skills you need including experience with your own country’s accounting and taxation practices.

Critical to the outsourcing experience with Yempo is your involvement during the recruitment phase. Yempo does not carry a bench of staff waiting for work – we take your job description and source specifically against it. After we’ve screened and interviewed the candidate, we endorse them to you with a complete cost profile and their unedited CV, and then we facilitate your own internal recruitment process. Only when you’ve found the right technical and cultural fit for your business do you make a cost commitment, which is when we extend and offer to the candidate to join us. After onboarding into Yempo, they are handed to you for orientation into your own business, and after that it’s just like our tagline says – they are Your Employees Offshore.

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