Outsourcing Solutions

Yempo can offer flexible solutions depending on your needs. If you require a full time digital marketing specialist, we can provide a resource to work 100% dedicated to your company. Alternatively, we can offer ad-hoc services through Social Media Solutions (SMS). The team at SMS can take care of your web site or landing page builds, Facebook and Google advertising, daily posts on all popular social media platforms, content marketing and development of your soft or hard copy sales collateral.

Highly-trained administrative staff can perform data entry, transcribing, research, and a wide range of other tasks, in your time zone and at your convenience.

Some of the easiest tasks to outsource offshore are administrative functions. Yempo can provide personal assistants or general administrative assistants to take control of ongoing or adhoc admin needs. These resources can act as virtual receptionists for your business as well as organising events, functions, travel or just day to day schedules. Researchers, data entry clerks, and reporting analysts can remove time-consuming tasks from your senior staff, enabling them to focus on the higher value work.

Clients that have outsourced some of their financial activities with Yempo based staff have improved the turnaround of compliance reporting, internal accounts management and a host of other activities. Popular roles to outsource range from a qualified CPA to a junior bookkeeper accounts payable, receivable, payroll specialist and financial reporting analyst. Yempo can supply the exact skills you need including experience with your own country’s accounting and taxation practices.

Running your in-house technology team can be expensive. Test the water by outsourcing one or two roles and experience what our clients have – freeing up senior staff to take on more challenging work, or relieving employees of after-hours and weekend work. There is an abundant supply in the Philippines of developers and testers with experience in all current technologies, as well as technical support analysts, infrastructure engineers and service desk support staff.

A wide range of HR activities, like many back-office functions, can easily be outsourced to a dedicated resource. Recruitment, payroll, benefits administration, training coordinator, reporting analysts and record keepers that work 100% dedicated to your business can deliver considerable savings. As with all Yempo employees, your offshore resources can work in your time zone and connected to your systems for a seamless integration with your existing team.

Yempo has experience working with start-ups, whose requirements are unique and time-sensitive. We can analyse your requirements to provide the best possible resources at a cost considerably lower than available in your location. Getting your product or service to market quickly is key for start-ups so we have a fast-track service to build a team in the shortest time frame.

Moving a subset or all of your engineers, drafters, designers, surveyors, architects and other specialists offshore can increase the throughput of your business while also achieving considerable cost savings. The talent pool in the Philippines is large and covers a wide range of technical skills and software knowledge. Supplementing or transitioning work with an offshore team can have the additional benefit of increasing focus and discipline around project requirements and deadlines.

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