Outsourcing Information Technology Services

Running your in-house technology team can be expensive. And recently, the employment market has tightened considerably across almost every aspect of information technology.

If your business relies on IT Services to keep running, or if you provide IT Services to other organisations, you can test the water by outsourcing one or two roles and experience what our clients have – freeing up senior staff to take on more challenging work, or relieving employees of after-hours and weekend work.

There is an abundant supply in the Philippines of developers, testers, technical support analysts, consultants and implementation specialists with experience across all current technologies. Also available are infrastructure engineers, service desk and help desk staff.

Offshoring a whole team, just a few resources or even just one tech specialist can offer considerable benefits to your business.

Yempo is an offshore outsourcing business that is unique to its competition. We didn’t start as a call centre, and we don’t offer call centre services, which means our culture is empowering, collaborative and supportive. Yempo’s founders have deep and broad experience in the technology sector; we speak the language of techies, and know what to do to attract and retain them. You can even speak to some of our clients who started with just one offshore IT resource, and expanded to an entire office full of technical staff supporting their business and their clients.

Working with Yempo is easy – just send us a job description so we can provide you with a quote, and then we can jump on a call to chat about your specific needs. We recruit against your job spec and you are actively involved in the recruitment process. You don’t pay anything until we find the perfect fit for your business, and you commit to know more than 30 days.

Get in touch today to find out how Yempo can reduce your IT spend, improve the working life of your onshore resources, or expand your service offerings to new geographies or time zones. We can assist you with Outsourcing IT Services, Offshore Developers or a range of other technical roles.

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