Work, Play, Serve: Yempo’s Social Welfare Committee in Action

Work, Play, Serve: Yempo’s Social Welfare Committee in Action

With benefits ranging from top salaries to plentiful leave credits, Yempo prides itself in being a company that offers career growth without compromising work-life balance. We believe in working hard and playing hard just as much as we believe in serving heartily.

In its early years, Yempo launched the Social Welfare Committee (SWC) that mainly focuses on planning and executing programs and events that benefit employees and the community. Currently spearheaded by Site Manager Ronnie Van Gelder and HR Manager Riza Tendero, the SWC takes the lead in developing programs designed to boost employee engagement across all offices, from top management to staff.

Serving the community

Yempo takes its social responsibility seriously. We aim to contribute to society in whatever way we can, be it donating to victims of natural catastrophes or volunteering for outreach endeavors. Officially, the first ever Yempo community program was in December 2015, wherein the team gave out toys, served food, and hosted a mini party at Children’s Joy Foundation Inc., an orphanage in Cebu that provides shelter to orphaned, neglected, and poor children. Since then, it has become an annual tradition.

In 2016, the Manila group visited Hospicio de San Jose, a foster care institution for children, adults, and elderly who were abandoned, surrendered, or those with special needs. During last year’s Christmas season, the SWC led a team of volunteer employees to spread good cheers at Everlasting HOPE, a Cebu non-profit organization that primarily extends aid to children with cancer and other serious illnesses. Amid the drive of expanding the business, philanthropy is one that we practice and highly encourage.

Volunteering at Hospicio de San Jose, Manila, 2016.

Spreading good cheers at Everlasting HOPE in 2017.

Promoting health and wellness

We all know how long hours of just sitting at the desk could be detrimental to one’s health. Part of Yempo’s SWC program is to constantly inspire our employees to stretch often and to grab every opportunity to take part in any company-hosted fitness activities. Office yoga was offered last year, and, should logistics allow, the committee has lined up other fitness activities for employees to become more active, including zumba, boxing, and badminton.

Celebrating milestones

For a growing business such as Yempo, milestones are always worth the celebration. A back-to-back ribbon-cutting happened in 2017 with the opening of the new offices in Oakridge Business Park, Cebu, and Robinsons Tower, Ortigas. Dedicated to support expansion and development, the SWC gives spotlight to significant events in Yempo. In its kick-off meeting this year, the committee has agreed to start having a simple yet meaningful celebration commemorating Yempo’s anniversary every January. We’d take any excuse to have a pizza party, so a company birthday definitely qualifies for one!

Official opening of Pioneer House, Makati, office in 2016.

Opening of Robinsons Tower, Ortigas, office in 2017.

Moving in to a new, bigger office at Oakridge Business Park, Cebu, in 2017.

Recognizing Achievements

Just as we love to celebrate company milestones, we are likewise always excited to laud employee achievements. The monthly gathering, taking place every last Friday of the month, and the quarterly meetings are a good platform to acknowledge team members who are on their work anniversaries, who have earned training certifications, and who simply excel in their work. Loyalty and hard work are two things we value. In fact, every year during the Christmas party, a couple of individuals are presented with special awards, the Employee of the Year and the Director’s Choice awards for both Manila and Cebu respectively. The awards are not limited to those working under a specific client, admin staff and utility officers have been awarded with such in the past years.

Bonding over food and games at the month-end gatherings.

Building Camaraderie

From day one, each new recruit is made to feel welcomed. After all, Yempo implements a rigorous application process to hire only the best in their field. Thus, a warm environment will help newbies to comfortably settle in. They will later find out that the fun and friendly atmosphere is naturally a part of Yempo’s culture. Employees are well guided by adept role models and leaders while being supported by colleagues who work as a team. We build strong camaraderie through daily interaction, inter-office gatherings, and outdoor events. The yearly summer outing, organized by the SWC in the month of May, is one of the most looked forward to affairs in the company as it allows employees to unwind and relax. Being in a tropical country, we know very well how to take advantage of the powdery white sand beaches, which transform into a venue for our team building activities.

Summer outing 2016

Summer getaway 2017.

Initiating Social Gatherings

Aside from the much-anticipated summer outing, SWC also organizes two other major events annually, the Halloween and Christmas festivities. On Halloween, kids of employees are treated to an afternoon snack as they go trick or treating inside the business compound. Adults on the other hand get to enjoy their own after-work get-together to better flaunt their costumes. The year-end party or Christmas party is the biggest event we celebrate as a company. Each year calls for a unique party theme, which everyone gladly participates in. Whether it’s gothic, magical, naughty or nice, or United Nations, the Christmas party highlights achievements throughout the year and gathers together all members of the Yempo family.

Halloween 2016 in Oakridge Cebu.

Minion themed Halloween at Apple One, Cebu, 2016.

Favorite characters at Oakridge Cebu Halloween 2017.

Both Manila teams gathered in Halloween 2017.

Christmas party 2015 – Cebu.

Christmas party 2016 – Manila.

Christmas party 2016 – Cebu.

Christmas party 2017 – Manila.

Christmas party 2017 – Cebu.