Yempo’s First Team Building 2016

Yempo’s First Team Building 2016

Yempo’s Cebu and Makati staff just held their very first team building events, and they were epic!

On May 28th, 2016, the Yempo crew gathered at the Best Western Sand Bar Resort in Mactan, Cebu for the much anticipated event.  The day was filled with food, games, and plenty of fun in the sun. What made this event even more epic, is that is was first time the staff at the Oakridge office and the staff at the Apple One office had a chance to meet each other and this lead to plenty of time to bond and become friends.

The Cebu Team

Here are some of the highlights of the day. Overall, the day went great and the staff can’t wait until next year’s event.

Yempo’s Recruitment Specialist, Nic, was in charge of the games.


The first game that brought plenty of laughs was Pinoy Henyo in which a member of the team has to guess the word above their head with yes or no questions. Here we can see Dom and Skippher having a great time.

The Red Team took home first prize for Pinoy Henyo.

Here are Jude, Yrah, Zee, and Peace.

The second game was called “King Queen” game in which teams have to run around and pop the opposite team’s balloons while protecting their own. This game become very competitive!  The red team also ended up winning this round as well.

Catch my Tail

The third game, which was called, “Catch my Tail” had the teams hold onto each other in a line and chase after other teams in order to grab a handkerchief out of the last person’s pocket. This game went on for so long that they had to take a water break!

Yellow Team
Pictured are Belle, Mike, Dom, Gary, and Nic.

At last, a new team was crowned the victors – the Yellow Team!

Winners and prices
Here are Mike, Zee, Belle, and Nic showing off their prizes.
Ely, Elle, Amor, and Gigie

Although the Blue Team did not win any of the games, they were still having a great time.

Aside from the fun-filled games in the morning, the Yempo Cebu staff also enjoyed the whole afternoon with other fun activities such as:

Shown are Yrah, Hazel, Gigie, Charity, Kieth, Rowena, Amor, Peace.

Plenty of pictures.

Shown are: Agnes, Malou, Leah.

Jump shots by the shoreline.


Wine Toasting.

Shown are: Gab and Belle.

Kayaking around the lagoon.

sun bathing

Chilling under the sun.

IMG_9676 2

Team bonding.


More drinking and chilling.

Shown are: Gigie, Yrah, Charity, Amor, Hazel, Rowena, Peace, with Dom and Travis in the back.

Plenty of swimming.

Company outing

And, of course, we had to have a group shot in front of the Sandbar sign.

The Makati Team

Makati Team Bonding

On June 3rd, the Yempo Makati Team decided to take a much more relaxed approach by enjoying some great food, drinks, and singing the night away at the Centerstage Karaoke bar. The event was organized by Ronnie, the Line Of Business Manager, and they all had a great time showing off their vocal skills. They ended up being quite surprised to find out that they had some very good performers among the bunch.