Yempo Seeks Your Help in Making a Real Difference

Yempo Seeks Your Help in Making a Real Difference

We seek your engagement and commitment to help make a real and lasting difference. Our plans to launch our own foundation have been set aside for the time being while we work with Present Group, an Australian company that has a foundation in the Philippines supporting underprivileged school children.

The Present Group currently runs a feeding program that provides nutritious meals for children everyday at lunch time, and they asked Yempo to help them change lives, one child at a time.


We are already making a difference

Trix is a student who has greatly benefited from the feeding program.

Trix was very excited to receive the meals as his family can afford to eat only once a day. The meal helps him focus more on his school lessons, rather than his hunger. He is determined to finish school and he dreams of becoming an engineer so that one day he can build his family a new home.

How Can You Make a Difference?

Currently, 300 children are provided with a hot meal each day at the Inawayan School in Cebu. The program is designed to meet the most basic of human needs and aimed at giving children the chance to focus on school instead of the pain of hunger.


The attendance and learning results speak for themselves, and at the small cost of just 0.75 AUD per child per day, or less than the cost of 1 coffee a week, you can make a measurable, positive impact on a young child’s life.

If you would like to know more or donate, please ask me – you can provide a daily meal for a child for a full year for less than AUD$130, all of which goes to supporting the children. You can sponsor 1, 5, 10 children or more. Contact me directly on [email protected].