Halloween and Christmas Events at Yempo

Halloween and Christmas Events at Yempo

Ahead of the All Souls’ long weekend in the Philippines, Yempo held a Halloween party in our Oakridge, Cebu office, and Pioneer, Makati. Staff from Apple One in Cebu, after decorating their office joined the party at Oakridge.

Halloween-Oakridge  Yempo-Cebu-Halloween

Apple One were the winners of the office decoration, with a very original “Minions” theme encompassing a wide range of nooks and spaces. Malou and her daughter won the best-dressed prize as a beautiful pair of Cleopatras.

Yempo Cebu organised two games to entertain the kids – “Bring Me” in which the kids will race and give whatever the host asks them and “mummy wrap” in which the kids paired into teams of  five and had to “mummify” one of their team mates using a roll of toilet tissue. Team B won the game and finished in less than 2 minutes! The adults participated in a “Halloween Trivia” game that handed out chocolates and other treats to the teams that got the correct answer.

 pair of Cleopatras Halloween-Costume


In Makati, the office was decorated and the theme was Mad Masquerade. The children of our staff gathered in the conference room and watched kid’s “horror” movies such as Hotel Transylvania, Monsters Inc., and then created their own monster. Later they did a trick or treat through the office, and the whole team enjoyed a meal and candy.

The best-dressed boy was Raven Handayan and girl was Aurora Hamilton.

On December 7th, the Cebu team headed to the ballroom of the Quest Hotel for our annual Christmas party. The social committee selected a “Gothic” theme – unusual for a Christmas event! The evening progressed with monito/monita, which is a non-secret version of Secret Santa or Kris Kringle, a fashion parade of our Gothic team and games.

Euneez “Nic” Chua won Employee of the Year for Cebu, with Directors Special Mention to Mae Edillo. Yrah Josep won the best-dressed female, and Paul Abayon won the best-dressed male. There was a caroling contest between Oakridge and Apple One, which was awarded to the Apple One team.

Yempo-Cebu-Christmas-Party Yempo-Christmas-party

On December 9th the Makati team headed to Blè Greek Restaurant for a fabulous greek meal including dips and lamb legs and free-flowing drinks. We had the entire restaurant to ourselves and they allowed us to extend well beyond our agreed time. The owner brought 2 rounds of complementary Ouzo for us, which was an adventure as most had never tried it. The team also presented their monito/monita gifts to each other.

Eman Mamayson was awarded the Employee of the Year for Makati.

Yempo-Makati-Christmas-Party Yempo-Makati-Christmas-Party


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