Why Startups Should Outsource a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines

Why Startups Should Outsource a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines

If you are a startup, you could be considering outsourcing a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants (VA) are more commonly known to take care of a company’s day-to-day tasks–and as their name implies, and can work from anywhere in the world.

A misconception about virtual assistants, however, is that they are limited to administrative and mundane tasks. This could not be farther from the truth. While only a few years ago virtual assistants were originally hired as remote personal assistants to executives, VAs of today are adept at completing more diverse tasks.

Another common misconception about virtual assistants is that only big companies should hire them. Why shouldn’t startups, fledgling businesses, and startup companies look into virtual assistants as well? Regardless of the size of the company, virtual assistants can help business owners save time, money, and effort. The work of VAs can be scaled to meet any business’s exact needs.

One of the best countries to hire virtual assistants is the Philippines. Here are some reasons why startups should outsource a virtual assistant from the Philippines.

1. Filipino VAs Are Familiar with Outsourcing Work.

Filipino professionals are some of the most tech-savvy employees in the world, and are no stranger to outsourcing work. They are known to be self-starters, a perfect trait for outsourced VAs. This makes sense especially for startups that are used to having a lean team who don’t need to be told what to do.

2. Filipino VAs Have Excellent Work Ethic.

Filipino professionals are known to be hard workers, and this is a fact. They have a natural penchant to give it their all, whatever work is needed, and this extends to work done by virtual assistants as well. By extension of this good work ethic, Filipino virtual assistants are well versed not only in administrative work but also in other aspects of a business, which include data entry, basic web and graphic design, basic accounting and bookkeeping, and even search engine optimization.

3. Filipino VAs Are Skilled Multitaskers.

Will your startup require a VA that’s not only good in admin tasks but also in data entry, basic web and graphic design, basic accounting and bookkeeping, and even search engine optimization? How about a virtual assistant who also knows how to do marketing and online research? Filipino VAs are good at multitasking. Startups that don’t have a big team to start with will find this ability to multitask immensely valuable to their business.

4. Filipino VAs Possess High English Proficiency.

For startups based in English-speaking countries such as the United States, England, Australia, and New Zealand–that want VA who are fluent in English, the Philippines is a goldmine. Universities in the Philippines–both public and private–regularly churn out graduates that are fluent in both written and spoken English. This is a talent pool that startups or any type of business should seriously consider.

5. Filipino VAs Are Dedicated Workers.

It’s not enough for an employee to be skilled and good at what they do; ask anyone from HR and recruitment. What separates the good VAs from a great one is good attitude. Filipino professionals are not just skilled and talented but also have a great attitude at work. They are passionate for their work.

6. Filipino VAs Are Affordable.

Outsource a VA from the Philippines can save your company a significant amount of money. The cost of labor in the Philippines is much lower than in other countries. With the wealth of skilled talent in the Philippines, this makes for a very attractive location to outsource VAs, especially for startups that are still reliant on venture capital.

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