How do I even Start to Outsource? I only have a Small Business

How Do I even Start to Outsource? I only Have a Small Business

Many small business owners believe that outsourcing is only for the large corporates, if they think of it at all. But small businesses can reap huge benefits by having just one or two staff offshore, freeing up their existing talent to focus on higher-value work.

How to go about it? It couldn’t be easier. In fact, it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Assess

Look at what each of your team members are doing. Do the tasks they perform need to be done in your office? Do they need to be taking up space in your expensive real estate? Maybe you are even embarrassed to admit you don’t know what they do all day! Do they have regular face-to-face contact with customers or do they conduct most of their transactions over email or phone?

This first step is to identify work that doesn’t need to be done in your office. Maybe it means taking a few tasks from one employee and a few from another employee, freeing both of them up to do other things. Maybe you have someone going on maternity leave or resigning, enabling you to jig things around a little. If this first step is the hardest and you don’t know where to start, just call us and we can do a small assessment of your readiness. We can even help you to pitch your plans to your team in a way that will reassure them and get them excited about participating in this new global direction.

2. Brief Us

Provide us with a brief description of what you need doing. You may need a bookkeeper to support your accountant, or maybe you are moving to a new customer management system and need all that data migrated. Perhaps you need someone to do cold calls to customers and line up appointments for your sales team. Tell us what you need, and we take it from there. We advertise, interview, test, reference check and shortlist staff for your final selection.

3. Business As Usual

Once you’ve selected your new team member, you just need to train them and we can offer lots of suggestions here. You can use the same technology you will be using to manage them on a day-to-day basis – phone, email, Skype, instant messaging. You could fly your new hire to your office so they can get to know your business first-hand and meet the rest of their colleagues. Or why not fly up to meet them – a legitimate business expense – and tack on a holiday in one of the most beautiful locations in the world? Alternatively offer this as an incentive to one of your high-performing staff and see how quickly they support this new direction!

Then what? Then you just go about your business. Your offshore staff member will sit in our professional office in Cebu, they will be paid twice monthly, receive health insurance and other allowances, participate in our staff functions to ensure they feel part of a team.  They will have the opportunity to join social groups and join community welfare activities. They will comply with all of your company policies plus ours in order to protect your data and intellectual property.  Their taxation is taken care of, we provide them with regular performance feedback based on our discussions with you.

All this time, they are 100% dedicated to working for you. You just need to make sure they are busy and pay our monthly invoice. If you are unhappy at any time, you just let us know and we will performance-manage the staff to improve their work or to exit them from the organisation, with no ongoing commitments.

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And how much can you save? Ask us what type of staff you might expect to find with a $20,000 budget and you will be astounded at the quality, qualifications and experience available.

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