Outsourcing Can Ease Decision Fatigue

Experiencing Decision Fatigue in Your Startup Business? Outsource!

Entrepreneurs and startup business owners face hundreds if decisions every day and could suffer decision fatigue at some point. It can even lead to analysis paralysis where the individual’s mental and emotional state freezes, making it impossible to move forward.

Outsourcing some functions of the business is one solution that could ease this condition.

What is Decision Fatigue?

Decision fatigue (DF) is a condition that impairs a person’s ability to make sound decisions. This is due to the high stress levels of making too many daily decisions. The more decisions one makes, the worse the condition becomes.

To ease this condition and reduce the load on your brain, health and business experts suggest simplifying and reducing the amount of daily choices to be made, especially low-stake decisions that have little impact on the business or life in general. These include options on what to eat, drink, or wear, what workout routines to do or movies to watch.

Notice how politicians and business tycoons avoid everyday low-stake choices. For example, former United States President Barack Obama and business tycoon Mark Zuckerberg wear the same clothes every day to reduce the amount of minor decision-making.

Signs That You Have DF

As a startup entrepreneur, you may be bombarded with making all the calls related to the business. Here are a few classic symptoms of decision fatigue:

  • Procrastination
    If your knee-jerk reaction to a major problem is ‘I’ll deal with this later,’ this may be an initial sign of decision fatigue.
  • Impulsivity
    Your startup will not succeed if you make decisions based on impulses. If you are getting nervous about an upcoming decision, and just want to get it over with, this may mean more than just anxiety.
  • Avoidance
    Procrastinating is one thing but avoiding an issue altogether are very different reactions. Avoiding making decisions could be a major sign of DF.
  • Indecision
    Entrepreneurs need to be decisive. If you have begun to struggle mentally or feel confused, you could already be suffering from decision fatigue.

Solution: Outsource Some Functions

If you are an entrepreneur or a startup business owner, one solution to ease decision fatigue is to outsource some of your company’s functions and services. Some functions you can outsource are information technology, human resources, and accounting, among others. If you are new to this business practice, however, you can start with a few, such as the ones listed below:

Admin/Virtual Assistants

All businesses are faced with admin tasks. Getting bogged down with minor and repetitive tasks following up with clients or vendors, scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, setting up events and many other things can sap your energy. Outsourcing administrative tasks to a virtual assistant will lift a great load off your shoulders.


Bookkeeping, specifically, can be a task that you can outsource to keep track of the daily transactions without hiring an entire team or department. You can outsource other critical finance functions as your company grows or as you gain confidence and trust in your service provider. Outsourcing this function will reduce a great chunk of your work time and effort.

Digital Marketing

As the world increasingly moves to the digital platform, digital marketing will be a key element to build your brand. To succeed in this area, you need to stay on top, time that is better spent building relationships with clients and growing revenue. Outsourcing this function therefore is better left to the experts of Facebook and Google ads creation and setup, ad optimization, content marketing, as well as website development and maintenance.

Benefits of Outsourcing that Would Ease DF

According to Laura Lee Sparks, owner of a legal marketing and outsourcing firm, entrepreneurs have many talents, but the desire to do all these things on their own could be their business’s downfall. To avoid this, she recommends that they outsource the day-to-day tasks and focus more on generating income.

Here are the other benefits of outsourcing that will help ease your decision fatigue:

  • You get to focus on your core business as most of the other decisions and processes are taken care of by the outsourcing firm.
  • Outsourcing is ideally lower-cost alternative than hiring in-house personnel and forming a team or department under your umbrella.
  • When you outsource a process or service, you shall have access to new resources and a variety of new tools, which is nearly impossible for small firms or startups because of investment problems.
  • You get access to a team of experts in that particular field. They will be attuned to the latest updates in the industry, which will make it a worthwhile investment.

Many aspects of business can be outsourced, especially if you are an entrepreneur building a startup. Yempo has the resources, expertise, and track record to provide you with the values-driven services you need. We can improve the way your business works. Contact us today!