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Michelle Fiegehen - CEO

Leading Startup Outsourcing Company

Yempo – “Your Employees Offshore” – is a western-owned offshoring company, providing flexible and low-cost staffing solutions to organizations around the world.

We take the time to understand your requirements, source staff with the right skills and present them to you for you to interview. If you proceed, they work under your direction in terms of workload, but we manage all the local pastoral care, payroll, government compliance etc.

We essentially “host” your own staff and provide them with the best possible employee experience to ensure loyalty and commitment.

What Makes Us Better

Office Environment

Our three offices are outfitted with brand new furniture, fittings, and infrastructure, and are fully air conditioned. Yempo staff love working in our offices in Mandaue City, Cebu, as well as in Makati City and Ortigas, Metro Manila.

Employee Engagement

We value our staff and provide unique events, modern facilities, and amazing benefits to ensure they are engaged and stay with us on your account.

Values and Culture

Our values of commitment, excellence and community speak to the heart of each employee we hire. Our culture is built on a foundation of respect for the varying nationalities of our employees and clients.

We Think Globally

Yempo provides services across Australia, US, Singapore, Middle East, Canada, and New Zealand.

Our management team consists of at least 50% Western managers who ensure the ongoing cultural understanding and development of our staff. Currently, we have Australian, American, British, and Dutch managers. Along with our Filipino managers and staff, our multicultural work environment enables us to embrace the ideals of inclusion and diversity.

Start Growing Your Business With Yempo

Some of Our Clients

Specialist Brokerage Firm

Our client is a US–based specialist brokerage firm covering the US and all of Asia. Providing research, insights, and corporate access to investment managers, they utilize Yempo resources for Securities Settlement.

Chartered Accounting Firm and Tax Agent

A small boutique accounting firm and tax agency has been a client of Yempo since 2016. Their offshore accountants with Yempo enable the senior staff to take more meetings and oversee the day–to–day account management of this firm. 

Leading Australian Fuel Management Company

A leading Australian fuel management company commenced outsourcing with Yempo in 2016 in order to reduce costs in their startup department. In addition to IT staff, they have talented Startup professionals keeping their accounts payable systems in order.

Engineering Operations and Maintenance Company

Operating in the mining, oil, gas, and infrastructure industries, our Australian-based client provides services across Australia, South East Asia, and the Middle East. With a complete back office function offshore, they have been a client of Yempo since 2015 and run their accounts payable, accounts receivable, HR, and administration functions from our Cebu office.

Leading Global Energy Recruitment Agency

This Global recruitment firm engaged Yempo to provide specialist staff for accounts payable and payroll.

National Provider of Maintenance & Construction Services

Our client is a national multidisciplinary provider of maintenance and construction services to major operators in the resources, commercial, and industrial sectors. Through Yempo, they have accounts payable and accounts receivable staff.

Global IT Outsourcer

Our client is a global managed service provider in the IT sector. In additional to a large team of technical staff, their global accounts receivable is managed out of the Yempo office.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us:


Managing Partner

“Partnering with Yempo was the single best decision we ever made.”

-New to offshoring

“Yempo is an extremely professional organization and it has been an absolute pleasure working side by side with them to build the great team we have in Manila”.

-New to offshoring​​​​


Service Delivery Manager


General Manager

"Having an Australian living in the Philippines definitely helped as Michelle was able to understand the differences in cultural and legal requirements of each country.”

-Transitioned from a registered Philippine company to Yempo

“It was important to me to have access to the senior levels of the organization to openly discuss my challenges and concerns. Yempo provided this, with Michelle being highly accessible.”

-Transitioned to Yempo from another service provider


Managing Director


Managing Director

"Yempo provided a solution where we could scale staff in our business whilst controlling employment costs and ensuring we kept customer satisfaction very high."

-New to offshoring

Start Growing Your Business With Yempo

Using Yempo Is As Easy As 1-2-3

1. Identify the type of skills you need that will free up your higher costing staff

Let us know your requirements, be they data entry, bookkeeping, document writer, executive assistant. Or maybe you need a graphic designer or a social media marketing specialist?

We source the best staff to meet your needs, personally screen them and submit a shortlist for your review. You interview the staff via a video Skype call to determine their suitability for your needs. Give us the go-ahead and we make an offer to the individual in conjunction with police and other security checks.

2. Allocate a staff member in your home team to train the new hire

Just as you would in your own office, you will onboard your new hire except utilizing phone and video using our robust infrastructure.

You might want to even consider traveling to the Philippines to meet your new hire. While it’s not necessary, why not visit your new staff member and add on a vacation in one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world?

3. We do the rest! We take care of your staff, payroll, and compliance with regulations.

We ensure your staff members feel a part of the Yempo team in an excellent working environment while being dedicated and fully committed to only your business. We also provide you with cultural primers that will help you get the best out of your new employees.

You only need to ensure that your staff are kept busy. Any performance concerns or issues, just contact us and we will take care of the rest.

At Yempo, we are proud to provide flexible offshoring solutions tailored to your needs. We cater to companies of all sizes and specialise in assisting clients who are new to offshoring. Whether your business needs to grow rapidly, reduce costs or you just can't find the particular skill you need, we can help. Our exceptional staff benefits and professional offices ensure your employees offshore are productive and happy.



Get access to top-quality services while reducing your overhead.

Modern Technology

All our offices are fitted with high-speed fibre optic internet connection. 

Flexible Options

We are open 24/7 and are flexible to meet your company's needs in any timezone.

High-calibre Staff

We source the most qualified staff for your company at a fraction of your normal costs.

Happy Employees

Our staff love their job and our attrition rates are considerably lower than average.

Amazing Culture

We promote culture with monthly gatherings and regular social and welfare activities.

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