Outsourcing Human Resources

The Philippines has an enormous talent pool of English speaking resources with experience across a wide range of HR activities. Like many back-office functions, these activities can easily be outsourced to an offshore resource or offshore team. In fact, HR outsourcing is one of the most frequently outsourced business functions in the Philippines.

Yempo can source, screen, interview and endorse to you for interview such candidates in the areas of recruitment, payroll, benefits administration, training coordination, reporting analysts, record keepers or any other offshore HR function. Each employee hired by Yempo is recruited on your behalf with you having the final say on the right person for your business. Once they are onboarded into Yempo, they are handed to you to be oriented into your business. And from that point on, it is just as if they are your own employees offshore, except you have the Yempo team to take care of all local requirements, and act as your Philippines HR or Operations team.

Yempo has clients with individual HR resources, assigned 100% to their business, and we also have clients with entire teams assigned to them. These companies are reaping enormous benefits – they achieve considerable cost savings by utilising cost effective offshore workers and because of Yempo’s practice of providing exceptional benefits and working environments, they have long tenured, loyal workers who are well integrated into their own company culture.

All employees work in the timezone set by you, and connect to your systems according to your internal policies for seamless integration with your existing team.

If you’d like to know more about Outsourcing HR functions, get in touch to find out how we can help, or to chat to our clients about how easy it was to engage with Yempo, to build an offshore HR function, and the benefits they are achieving.

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