Outsourcing Administration and Research

Some of the easiest tasks to Outsource is Administration. Yempo can provide personal assistants or general administrative assistants to take control of ongoing or adhoc administration needs. These resources can act as virtual receptionists for your business as well as organising events, functions, travel or just day to day schedules.

Researchers, data entry clerks, and reporting analysts can remove time-consuming tasks from your senior staff, enabling them to focus on the higher value work.

How does offshore outsourcing work? If you already have a job description for your requirements, send it over to us and we prepare a market scan and proposal, showing the full breakdown of costs. We pride ourselves on our transparent billing model, and you will always have complete visibility of the salary of your offshore resources. If you don’t have a JD – no problem! We can jump on a call to discuss your needs, and craft one for you.

Once you’re comfortable with the costs, we start recruiting – but you don’t pay anything yet. We advertise, source and screen, and when we’ve found great candidates, we endorse them to you with their unedited CVs and their costs. Then we facilitate your interview(s) with them, until you find the perfect match.

We then get your written agreement to proceed, and extend an offer to the candidate. They are onboarded into Yempo and then handed to you for orientation into your business. After that – it’s just like they are your own company’s employees, except Yempo takes care of all the local payroll, health insurance, IT requirements and local government reporting.

It’s extremely easy to get started with offshore staff. If you’d like to know more about how well managed Administration and Research talent can be added to your team at a low cost, get in touch for an introductory call and proposal. You’ll wonder why you didn’t consider outsourcing administration, outsourcing data entry or outsourcing research sooner.

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