10 Reasons Why You’d Love To Work At Yempo

10 Reasons Why You’d Love to Work at Yempo

These days, applicants look for work not just for the sake of doing a job like a mechanical robot. It’s now about feeling fulfilled, having purpose, and being recognized. Every minute at your desk contributes to your happiness at work and as a person. Yempo strives to boost that happiness by treating every single employee with value and trust. To start, we strictly follow government-mandated benefits like SSS, HDMF, Philhealth, 13th month pay, and paid maternity leave. But we also want to show our appreciation through perks that are distinctly Yempo.  To achieve this, we constantly come up with ideas to make our employees feel like the valued assets and talents that they are.

If you’re looking at our job postings, but are not yet completely decided if you should hit that “send application” button, here are 10 reasons to convince you why you should…and ASAP!

1. Work-life balance

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We are serious about promoting work-life balance, that’s why we offer our employees more than the standard vacation leave credits to enjoy the things they love to do outside work and conduct personal matters. Our employees also receive ample sick leave credits for unavoidable instances of illness or medical emergencies.  Moreover, our Social Welfare Committee organizes monthly gatherings and annual activities for employees to bond, have fun, and contribute to the community. These include summer outings, Halloween parties, year-end celebrations, and outreach programs.

2. Salary Loan

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There will be times when you’d need extra cash for family emergencies, a down payment for a car, or saving up for your wedding. Luckily, we have recently partnered with Uploan Philippines, which provides salary loans to employees. The steps are easy, the terms convenient, and the process is fast. You’ll have your emergency cash in no time.

3. HMO Plan

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One of the most important things that job applicants look for in a company is its capability to provide an health plan. You won’t have to worry about this at Yempo as we offer a health plan to all our employees right on their first day of work, so you don’t have to wait for your regularization. Employees also have the benefit of adding one HMO dependent per year of service, provided the dependent meets the criteria.

4. Retirement Plan

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Not many companies offer this anymore, but we still do. The retirement age is usually set between the ages of 60 to 65 years old. So if you are deemed to be qualified for retirement pay, you will be granted a retirement package in accordance with the Philippine Labor Code.

5. Profit Sharing

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One of Yempo’s initiatives to recognize each employee’s contribution to the company’s overall success is the profit sharing. Every April, the directors assess the overall profitability achieved by the company. This is then reviewed and apportioned to the staff, with individual performance taken into account, in order to arrive at an appropriate per-person allocation in the profit share pool.

6. Performance Bonus

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Our regular employees who go beyond set standards are rewarded with a performance bonus. Yempo wishes to recognize efforts to meet or surpass standards in terms of set goals and overall work performance. So if you’re a superstar, then you’re in for this treat.

7. Awesome Bosses

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All of these perks are futile when you report to work feeling uninspired because of a toxic environment. Fortunately, like a cherry on top, our employees are mentored and guided by a management that truly leads and nurtures a culture of teamwork. Our CEO Michelle Fiegehen and Director Ian Parkin impart knowledge, listen to ideas, and act on needs. That’s enough motivation for each of our employees to work hard because they know they are being appreciated.

8. Free refreshments and snacks

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No one wants to work on an empty stomach? Extra good news for you if you’re a coffee person, because you’ll love that our pantry has free-flowing coffee. There’s also an adequate supply of other refreshments, biscuits, and instant noodles. But that’s not all. Every day, free rice is provided for lunch.

9. Strategically located office with a great view

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Commuting through traffic can be all worth it when you step inside our spacious work place that boasts a fabulous view. Our offices are all strategically located with nearby food places and shopping centers, so you won’t have to worry about getting there. The offices’ proximity to malls and other commercial establishments gives a chance to dine and hang out after work. We are located in Oakridge Business Park, Mandaue City in Cebu; Pioneer House, Makati City; and Robinsons Equitable Tower, Ortigas Center. And as a bonus, we have an iMac kiosk in the office for our employees’ personal use.

10. Free shirts

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Proud Yempo employees wear their hearts on their sleeves because we give free company polo shirts as soon as they come on board.

Interested in working at Yempo? Visit our careers website to view all open roles. Apply to Yempo today!