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Flexible Offshore Solutions

Yempo - “Your Employees Offshore” - is a Western-owned offshoring company, providing flexible and low cost staffing solutions to organizations around the world.

We take the time to understand your requirements, source staff with the right skills and present them to you for you to interview. If you proceed, they work under your direction in terms of workload, but we manage all the local pastoral care, payroll, government compliance etc. We essentially “host” your own staff and provide them with the best possible employee experience to ensure loyalty and commitment.

Get Results with Yempo

We offer low cost, high calibre staffing solutions to organisations wanting to extend their services, reduce costs or grow their business.

Do you have these business problems?

  • Are you under pressure to reduce costs without compromising quality?
    Moving work to a low cost location with the guidance of a trusted partner is the best way to slash your current spend without impacting your product or service quality. We can source high caliber resources to work 100% for your company, under your direction and our care.
  • Do you need to expand your workforce without increasing capital spend?
    Growing your business is exciting but costly. Office space, infrastructure, furniture and management overheads require a significant cash input before you’re reaping the benefits of increased income. Offshoring can eliminate the cash outlay to a fixed monthly all inclusive and low cost.
  • Would you like to increase your service hours beyond those in your current location?
    Operating in a global marketplace means you need administrative and support personnel available across a range of time zones. Moving these roles to a low cost location which is accustomed to servicing a 24/7 client base reduces your costs and opens up new markets.

Outsourcing. Do you worry about:

  • Cultural and Language Barriers
    Filipinos learn English in schools and it is not difficult to find fluent speakers, with a palatable American accent. Colonised or occupied by Spain, America and Japan, Filipinos are highly adaptable in their working styles and assimilate easily into the culture of Western businesses.
  • Losing Line of Sight
    If you’re not accustomed to having staff working for you outside of your office, this is a valid concern. At Yempo, 50% of our management team are Western so that role modelling of business etiquette is continuous. Our managers are also your eyes and ears on the ground and check in regularly with your staff to ensure engagement.
  • Unsettling Your Current Workforce
    Moving work offshore doesn’t have to mean redundancies in your home country. We can assist you with “selling” the strategy to your current staff. Taking low level work from senior workers gives them more opportunities to be successful. And some of your staff will have the opportunity to be involved with your exciting new global initiative, presenting excellent personal development and growth.

Do You Want to Work for Yempo?

We Are Here To Help!

Yempo – “Your Employees Offshore” is the perfect solution to any offshoring issues you are experiencing. Whether you’ve set up your own function in the Philippines, or are not getting the results you expected with a service provider, we can assist you.

Yempo is a values-driven, boutique offshoring business that specialises in working with you to achieve your business objectives. We have a management team comprised of Australian, English, American and Dutch directors, three of whom are long-term residents of the Philippines. Our founders’ background is blue-chip corporate, giving our entire operation a highly professional, ethical and empowered culture.

  1. Office Environment: Our three offices are newly fitted, fully air conditioned with brand new furniture, fittings and infrastructure. Yempo staff love working in our offices in Cebu and Makati.
  2. Employee Engagement: We really value our staff, and provide events, facilities and benefits to ensure they stay engaged, and stay employed with us on your account. The true cost of attrition extends well beyond lost time on the job. It’s demoralising and a distraction while burning hours seeking replacements.
  3. Values and Culture: Our values of Commitment, Excellence and Community speak to the heart of the Filipino. Our culture is built on a foundation of deep respect for the varying nationalities and industries of our employees and clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Yempo

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Having an Australian living in the Philippines definitely helped as Michelle was able to understand the differences in cultural and legal requirements of each country.”

Helen, General Manager

– Transitioned from a registered Philippine Company into Yempo

“It was important to me to have access to the senior levels of the organization to openly discuss my challenges and concerns. Yempo provided this, with Michelle being highly accessible.”

Chris, Managing Director

– Transitioned into Yempo from another Service Provider
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Yempo provided a solution where we could scale staff in our business whilst controlling employment costs and ensuring we kept customer satisfaction very high."

Phil, Managing Director

- New to Offshoring

“Yempo is an extremely professional organization and it has been an absolute pleasure working side by side with them to build the great team we have in Manila”.

Julie – Service Delivery Manager

- New to Offshoring
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Michelle Fiegehen
CEO of Yempo

Welcome to Yempo

At Yempo, we are proud to provide flexible offshoring solutions tailored to your needs. We cater for companies of all sizes and specialise in transitioning teams from other environments and assisting clients that are new to offshoring.

Whether your business needs to grow rapidly, reduce costs or you just can't find the particular skill you need, we can help. Our exceptional staff benefits and professional offices ensure your employees offshore are productive and happy.

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