Yempo Careers Providing Opportunities for Recruitment Outsourcing

Yempo: Solid Opportunities for Career Advancement

Yempo careers continue to flourish even as world economies have ground to a halt, leaving millions of jobs hanging in limbo and affecting workers. Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies such as Yempo continue to offer job opportunities to serve their enterprise clients, enabling many professionals to keep their jobs while working from home.

Yempo’s Industry Expertise for Applicants

Yempo hires employees who have the skills and experience to fill a broad range of roles. If you are a professional looking to advance your career, Yempo offers challenging and purposeful work opportunities in these industries:


Administrative functions remain the most popular outsourced tasks. The administration and research professionals whom Yempo hires normally perform back-office tasks like payroll management, day-to-day scheduling, data entry, among other, to support the productivity of the rest of the workforce.

According to the 2016 Deloitte research, 57% of companies choose to outsource so that they can focus on core functions.


Yempo’s marketing experts deliver digital campaigns and web development projects. From Facebook Ads to Google pay-per-click and more, there is a world-class Yempo marketing professional that can handle it. Applicants hired for marketing roles either work directly with clients or are placed with Yempo’s own Social Media Solutions team.

With 64% of buyers saying that social media videos influence their purchasing decision, it is important to note that digital marketing can be highly advantageous.


For finance roles, Yempo offers career opportunities for certified public accountants, financial reporting analysts, accounts payable and receivable, accounting and taxation experts, payroll specialists, and bookkeepers, among others. It is a must that applicants interested in applying for such roles have high integrity and accuracy.

About 39% of US companies are outsourcing their finance functions, but the industry is pushing to increase it to 89% in the coming years. This trend is similar elsewhere in the world, demonstrating how prominent finance outsourcing has become. It is an excellent opportunity for employees and business owners alike to capitalize on these opportunities that are expected to explode further.

Information Technology

Yempo offers abundant career opportunities for IT professionals including technical support, software developers, testers, and a variety of engineering positions, all of whom have experience in current technologies.

Information technology has made enormous leaps in the modern century and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. By annual revenue, IT outsourcing remains to be leading in terms of revenue, with over 60% of the overall outsourcing market comprised of IT workers. Market demand is still at a high, which makes it one of the most sought-after jobs in the world.

Applicants seeking IT roles can be sure Yempo will continue to offer career opportunities in the long term.


Yempo has a team of engineering professionals including engineers, drafters, designers, surveyors, and related professions. Our clients outsource a subset or all their engineering staff to our Philippine offices. We assure them that working with an offshore team has the additional benefit of increasing focus and discipline around project requirements and deadlines.

Benefits of Working at Yempo

When you work at Yempo, you will enjoy these fantastic benefits:

  • The opportunity to do meaningful and challenging work
  • Prestigious clients and highly professional and friendly co-workers
  • Highly competitive salary – paid weekly!
  • HMO enrollment on commencement
  • One HMO dependent added for each year of service
  • 20 vacation days and 7 sick days per year
  • Annual performance bonus and incentives
  • Annual salary reviews and increases
  • Free cooked rice, snacks, and hot drinks
  • Bright and cheerful open-plan work environment

Recruitment Outsourcing for Businesses

On the business side, recruitment outsourcing or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) happens when a third-party service provider such as Yempo handles a part or all of the hiring process for its client. This service ranges from assessing the requirements, sourcing professionals, to pre-employment screening, and even onboarding successful hires. The external supplier handles the design and implementation of the recruitment process, offering clients the capability to access top talents across different locations.

Whether a company is hiring remotely or in-house employees, an outsourced hiring manager will possess the necessary skills and expertise to identify suitable employees. There is more benefit when partnering with an RPO—the company’s entire recruiting process can be streamlined by experts.

RPOs like Yempo are motivated to make the right choices for clients because this translates to our success as well. It’s more than just filling a vacant position, but hiring the right person who fits the job and company culture.

Kickstart Your Career with Us

If you are a professional looking to further advance your career with a global company, Yempo is a great avenue to showcase your expertise. We have a broad reach when it comes to world-class clientele and partnerships, enabling us to offer high-value and meaningful work for our employees. We make sure that our staff are respected for their craft. View our jobs today.