Yempo The Best Place to Work in the Philippines

Yempo: A Great Place to Work in the Philippines

Yempo – Your Employees Offshore – is an exciting outsourcing company offering a great workplace and culture that are people-oriented. This allows us to achieve our goal of the highest quality delivery and excellence, but how does this happen? What makes Yempo employees excel in a challenging environment?  We’ve decided to go right to the source and interviewed and surveyed some of our very own. What do our employees have to say about Yempo?

Personally, I have a long history of working in professional and government-type offices, so I have some idea of what people think of their day jobs. I’ll be the first to admit some of the heartfelt responses I received were amazing!

Yempo Cebu

What makes Yempo go is the work and atmosphere. It’s not the typical office-work ambiance that other offices radiate, it’s the charge that we get from a job well done that allows to feel we accomplished something…  the old adage of daily grind and dragging along do not apply here at Yempo!

There’s a culture here of workers who are always open and eager to help. Staffmembers here are very welcoming and fun to work with, making Yempo’s environment fantastic, if not the best!

Travis Page, Michelle Fiegehen


Our web site talks about working for Yempo and how you will be encouraged and empowered to participate in the development of our culture and our social and welfare activities.  This is very evident in nearly every reply:

First things first… it’s the people here. I have never experienced working with real professionals and, at the same, such friendly people. It’s definitely a new experience for me! Next is the facility …I love the place! Coming here makes me feel like I am working for Google! Watch out Google, Yempo is nipping at your heels!!

…The education I’m getting just by working here is priceless!

The best part of working here at Yempo is the relaxed environment without feeling we are micro-managed and thus allowing us to do what we need to get the job done. 

A very common thread throughout nearly every response was the mention of how friendly and approachable our bosses are. These were very sincere remarks:

They never make you feel out of place. They talk to you personally when there is a need and ensure you’re okay. Our bosses are the best part about working for Yempo and keep me driven to work here.

You can work in many places that offer the same compensation, benefits, etc… these are just minor factors, but when it comes to our management, they are unmatched!

Compensation, benefits, work, and others, they are all great, but I consider them as minor factors only, I mean you can get them in other places, but not those guys… our managers are the best! 

When you work in a “colourful environment” full of bright and cheery faces being a productive employee and in turn, a great asset to our customers just comes naturally!

 And let’s not forget our amazing pantry and meeting rooms! 

When you combine great colleagues, wonderful bosses, super environment, flexible work schedules as well as our other benefits, the Yempo management team is committed to ensuring employees reach their full potential! When you can do that, then by proxy our customers benefit and becomes a win/win for everyone!

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