Outsourcing in the Philippines Everything You Need to Know

Outsourcing in the Philippines: Everything You Need to Know

Outsourcing in the Philippines has become a viable, cost-effective business strategy that an increasing number of businesses have made in recent years. This as helped them free up expensive staff and replace them with high-caliber, low-cost employees that can deliver the quality results that they are accustomed to.

However, outsourcing might seem as a risky move for companies who have yet to venture into this business practice. If you are considering outsourcing but are having many doubts, here is a simple, essential guide to best practices when outsourcing to the Philippines.

Is outsourcing to the Philippines right for your business?

Unknown to many, the Philippines has been an active player in the outsourcing industry since the early 1990’s. Its exponential growth in this decade has resulted in the country topping the list as a prime outsourcing location in 2010.


One of the main reasons why the Philippines is a top choice for foreign companies is the country’s similarity to western business practices. The Philippines is also known as one of the world’s largest and among the best English-speaking nations, having topped the Business English Index, a whitepaper released by Global English, for two consecutive years for English competency in the workplace.

Since English is used as the primary language for most businesses, it is not hard to see why many international global outsourcing companies would hire qualified staff from the Philippines.

The time difference is not a problem


One of the main issues often faced by companies overseas is the time difference. Working in various shifts is not an issue for in the Philippines. Local employees have very flexible working hours so that they can accommodate their clients’ needs, regardless of location.

You have a wide selection of talented people to choose from


The business process outsourcing industry has benefitted from the most diverse talent pool in the Philippines. You can hire individuals for a broad range of positions that include data entry, bookkeeping and other finance roles, engineering, administrative assistance, graphic design, social media marketing, and technical and content writing.

You will find amazing work ethic


Work ethic is an important element that you should consider when you plan on outsourcing in other countries. You do not want to jeopardize your company’s integrity and reputation by working with unethical individuals. Filipinos pride themselves in their work values such as integrity, honesty, and loyalty. And they also provide you with low-cost yet high-quality products and services to your clients.

What Are the Best Practices for Outsourcing in the Philippines?

Outsourcing may seem daunting, but if done right, you’ll find that your business will be running more effectively than ever before. To save your business both the time and money from creating outsourcing mistakes, here are the top best practices when it comes to outsourcing in the Philippines.

Know what jobs you need to outsource


The first step to outsourcing is to identify the type of skills you need that will free up your higher costing staff. This will give you control over the quality of talent that you need to acquire for your business. Many outsourcing experts recommend that you outsource back-end positions that do not directly involve your customers.

Find out which department in your company needs additional help in order to finish pending tasks as this will narrow down your choices.

Employ staff in highly motivating and world-class offices



One of the secrets to maintaining the same high-quality and international-standard delivery of products and services is through employee motivation. The best way to motivate them is by putting them in an office environment that will not only keep them motivated and productive, but also boost their morale. Also, choosing a managers who have experience in working with global companies is key in aiding your outsourced employees in order to maintain the same quality that you would receive in your current location.

Find the right outsourcing company

The most crucial step for outsourcing the right staff is choosing the correct outsourcing company.

There are many companies out there that claim they hire the right people for your business, but before you sign up for their services, do thorough research. Never limit your research to their company information and on-site reviews. Visit other site reviews and if you can, interview key individuals from companies who have worked with them. This will give you an in-depth perception if transacting with the company is a safe move.

You also want to aim for transparency when choosing the right outsourcing company. You want to make sure that there are no hidden costs, that the cost model is very clear, and expenses are passed through with no markups.

Now that you know a lot more about outsourcing in the Philippines, it might be time for you to think of making the move to outsourcing. Consider partnering with a reliable, trustworthy and world-class outsourcing service provider such as Yempo. Contact us today to learn more about out services.