6 Signs Your Offshore Employees are Not Engaged

6 Signs Your Offshore Employees are Not Engaged

Are you no longer seeing the results you expected from your offshoring strategy?

You may have noticed minor issues and let them slide. However, over time, you realise that while your team might be meeting their short-term goals, they are only just meeting expectations with little attempt to go over and above their duty. To make matters worse, you don’t have a line of sight, so you don’t have all the clues to what is happening.

This article outlines some of the signs and symptoms of an unhappy offshore employee.

Time Obsession

It is natural for people to get excited over lunch breaks or clocking off at the end of the day. It is another matter altogether if they are constantly watching the clock.

If you notice your staff slightly extending their breaks, and signing off on the dot of their finish time, it could be a sign that there is an engagement problem.

Bare Minimum Delivery

In a University of Warwick study last year, it was found out that workers running low on happy juice are 10 percent less productive than those who are happy. According to the same research, happiness in the workplace can lead to a 12 percent increase in productivity, making it an essential component in the success of your business.

If you observe your staff is delivering bare minimum results and missing opportunities for quick wins, there is a problem.

Lack of Feedback or Fresh Ideas

Having happy employees does not only generate increased productivity. They also see things that can be improved, constructively point these out, and may even offer solutions or great ideas. High levels of engagement generate fresh ideas and valuable feedback that can be leveraged for better results. Happy workers go the extra mile to improve their work without having to be told.

Limited Team Interaction

A Gallup survey in 2015, stated that only 13 percent of employees are actually engaged at work. A good sign of an engaged employees is being able to maintain some light chatter and humorous banter while working together. If this is not the case, you could be seeing signs of:

  • Tension amongst team members
  • Lack of engagement within individuals or worse, the whole team
  • Stress and overwork

Visual Cues

If your offshore employees are being overseen by a trusted partner, they can look out for visual cues that there is dissatisfaction in the workplace.

Is there a lot of sighing or yawning? Do your workers appear stressed or anxious? Are there changes in their posture or behavior? Do they care to dress appropriately according to the company’s dress code?

High Absenteeism or Tardiness

Do you have an employee that was punctual and never absent, but who has drifted into tardiness and absenteeism? This is a red flag. The employee may have some personal issues affecting their work life, but they may also be disengaged and seeking alternative employment.

If you are facing issues with you in-house employees, consider partnering with an outsourcing service provider such as Yempo. Our exceptional staff benefits and professional offices ensure your employees offshore are productive and happy. Contact us today to learn more about out services.

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