How To Effectively Delegate Tasks To Your Virtual Assistant

How To Effectively Delegate Tasks To Your Virtual Assistant

Delegating a task to your virtual assistant (VA) is easy enough to do, but becoming frustrated with the outcomes is possible. Delegating tasks effectively is critical in order to achieve an efficient collaboration between you and your VA, and this requires commitment and practice on your part as the leader. This is important in the acceleration of your business growth and success.

The reason that you hire a VA is to help you do things faster and more efficiently, and that’s why you should be able to strategize on your goals hand-in-hand with your VA. You should be able to give your VA a clear picture of the results you want to achieve. Following effective ways on delegating tasks to your VA will surely help the both of you in making the most of his working day.

Since delegation is an integral part of your business, you should take the lead in this whole process of delegating tasks to your VA. You should be capable of giving your VA the perfect blueprint of the task.

To ensure that your goals for your VA will be reached at the end of the day, here are some tips that you can do in delegating tasks:

Establish Terms, Guidelines and Work Standards

Achieving goals can easily be attained if you’re going to exercise this practice. In delegating tasks, you should provide guidelines and work standards for your VA. This will serve as a yardstick for your VA in attempting to gauge efficiency.

You can lay down your expectations and discuss these things with your VA. After explaining and confirming understanding of all the things you want to achieve, your VA will work knowing that the tasks are being done within the standards you have both agreed on.

Explain the Tasks to Your VA Clearly

Define the task clearly. Make it simple and concise so your VA will surely understand your entire plan. You can create a list of all your expectations, goals and other relevant details about the task. This will ensure that your VA will fulfill all your requirements to your satisfaction.

Brainstorm with Your VA

Ask your VA for his or her input. Through this exchange in dialogue, you’ll be able to find out his capability to do the task. You will have an insight on his boundaries, as well as possible strengths and weaknesses affecting him in being successful at completing the tasks you are assigning to him. Two heads are surely better than one.

Create Videos Showing Step-by-Step Instructions

This is one of the most effective ways in getting things done the way you want them. Just as in any undertaking, using audio and visual to your best advantage is very advisable in working with your VA, especially during periods of training. Providing instructional videos to your VA will help him to clearly understand the task. If he is confused with some details, he will be able to go back to the video tutorial anytime.

Set Deadlines

When you are delegating a sensitive and important task, you should be very clear on your deadlines. This will make your VA more consistent and hardworking because he knows that there’s a deadline to meet.

Have Faith in Your Collaboration

At this point you’ve already set all your expectations, goals and guidelines, provided the details needed, and have given your VA the instructional materials required in helping him achieve the goals that you’ve set together. Now it’s time for you to relax and have faith in your competent VA. Trust your teamwork. You already did your part. It’s the time for him to work and complete the blueprint.

Relax and Let Your VA Do The Rest!

Once you’ve successfully played your part and you’re sure that you have explained everything well, it’s time to enjoy the benefit of delegating tasks effectively. Let your VA do the work. Wait for an update from your VA as your projects continue to progress, all the way into completion.

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