Critical Points in Choosing the Best Outsourcing Partner Company

Critical Points in Choosing the Best Outsourcing Partner Company

Before entering into an outsourcing agreement, it is always important to do your homework abut the service provider and their offerings. What are the criteria to note when choosing the best service provider? Here are some guidelines to follow to avoid bad surprises:

Set Clear Targets

In economically difficult times, being prudent with money is best practice. However, this one-dimensional perspective is generally short sighted. To support the customer’s long-term corporate strategy, the service provider must take consider other important aspects such as innovation, standardization of services or delivery to different countries, as well as their respective objectives for each of these aspects.

The Right Expertise

Find experienced service providers that have proven their capability, competence and willingness to fulfill the client’s objectives. The service provider should be able to specify what types of skilled professionals the project will entail and how these are qualified. Another aspect to consider are the cultural fit and the aligned visions of both sides. Does the outsourcing company respect the client’s company culture and do they share the goals and objectives regarding the project?

Sufficient Rules

Even before the contract is signed, both parties should clearly define rules and boundaries such as the transfer of knowledge assets and processes, project delivery, among others. The client must ensure that the service provider has the capacity and willingness to agree to these rules.

Contract Flexibility

Business requirements sometimes change within the term of the agreement. For this reason, an outsourcing provider should be able to draw up a contract designed to allow for a bit of flexibility in terms of prices, quantities, timelines to be amended if necessary and without incurring extraordinary costs for the customer if possible. Anything that is not explicitly regulated must be reworked at a later stage.


An outsourcing project is usually complex and cannot be easily reversed. When choosing the right outsourcing service provider for you, choose one that has the track record and expertise for your specific function. If you are looking for the best outsourcing service provider, consider Yempo to provide you a pool of dedicated, skilled talent. To learn more, contact us today!