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If you are you a self-employed entrepreneur or even the CEO of a small company, you already know the costs of office space, desks, and dedicated connections in the market place.  For many start-ups, working from home might be sufficient at first, but it’s not the greatest arrangement in the world. When the dog is barking, a baby is crying, or the car alarm goes off, the lack of being in a professional environment can be quite evident to your clients and distracting for you the business to actually complete tasks. Being in the right environment is critical to your success. For these reasons, we at Co-Work Central understand how many small businesses and sole proprietors who would like to work in an office are forced to hold back. Signing a building lease for a brick and mortar site is too much of a financial risk.

Welcome to the world of desk sharing!  If you weren’t already aware, the market for desk and office rentals already exists as the concept is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. If you’re wondering how realistic the idea actually is, the subject was recently featured on Forbes’ website, which endorsed the idea as a way for small businesses to profit.

Co-Work Central


Co-Work Central offers just that type of professional atmosphere.  As an innovative and affordable work environment to progressive organizations and individuals, our co-working space is open-concept, with shared “hot desks”, designated desks, conference rooms, and lounge areas. We are bringing together business professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-up companies to build community, form relationships, and collaborate. Join us as a member and tenant of our co-working space, with one of our monthly membership packages. You can also purchase day passes to enjoy our space for the day!

Aside from having numerous technological advantages over home-based businesses, Co-Work Central also has plenty of perks that will keep you motivated.

Free Food

Co-work Central

We keep our pantry stocked with free snacks, rice and drinks. There is a Rustan’s Supermarket as well as a Starbucks in the same business park and the facility is located close to banks and other type eateries with on-site parking. Other nearby locations include an on-site chapel.


Stay safe with biometric security on the floor along with your own ID card security to the office and a lockable storage cabinet.  Feel secure inside the park with a team of security guards on property.


Enjoy the use of new desks and chairs, high speed internet, use of an iMac, multiple power outlets, in a fully air conditioned site that has on-site IT support and plenty of space to move around.

Fun Atmosphere

We hold monthly gatherings, team building exercises, social & welfare activities, as well as health & wellness programs that will ensure your time in the office will be fun and inspiring.

Update: Co-Work Central of the Cebu office was successful. However, due to inevitable circumstances, we no longer offer this service.