How to Choose an Outsourcing Partner in the Philippines

How to Choose an Outsourcing Partner in the Philippines

Realizing and deciding to entrust your business processes is one thing, but walking the talk is entirely another thing. Finding the right company whom you can entrust your “baby” and outsource some of your functions  can be a formidable task. Here, we list five crucial factors to consider when choosing the right outsourcing partner in the Philippines.

Value for Cost

When you employ an outsourcing company, compare prices among three or four companies or countries. If you are planning to hire a service provider from the Philippines, you are sure to save a lot because the country’s labor costs are among the most affordable in the industry, but the quality of its workforce among the best.

Aligned Values, Goals

Every company has its unique traits. Therefore, it is vital that you look for an outsourcing provider that matches match your company’s objectives, ideals and strengths. This will ensure that all your needs are addressed, and there would be a better understanding between you and your outsourcing partner. A good relationship could even move your provider to tailor the best service package and prioritize your company.

Updated Technologies, Capabilities

To be able to meet standard service levels, the provider should have the proper infrastructure, industry-class software and hardware, a stable and secure network, and redundant internet connections, not to mention the technologies specific to your industry. Outsourcing companies in the Philippines are modern and constantly, adapt new technologies wisely to ensure they are capable of addressing client needs.

Professional Work Environment

You may want to inquire about the professionalism that the prospective outsourcing partner has in place. Some good sources are their former clients or partner vendors, industry sources, perhaps even their social media accounts.

Employee Engagement, Attrition

High employee engagement will manifest via low attrition rates. After all, what employee wants to leave a company where they are satisfied? In turn, this guarantees that your business as a client will be cared for.

Track Record in Risk Assessment

A credible and reliable BPO company must be able to present a comprehensive risk assessment which clearly identifies the potential risks to your business and recommend adequate measures to mitigate these risks. There must also be risk management protocols in case disasters occur such as redundant storage and backup systems, and other relevant measures for business continuity.

Hands-on Owners and Founders

The outsourcing company is a reflection of its leadership. Entrust your business to people who possess adequate skills, discipline and knowledge for the job, from the top supervisors to the low-level employees. Did top executives take time to meet with you? Did they conduct themselves professionally? Did they seem knowledgeable about the industry and your specific needs?

Work with the Industry Standard

Finding the right outsourcing service provider to delegate part of your business function can be tricky. The Philippines is among the top locations that offer services for a wide range of industries. These companies employ skilled and driven professionals that have the expertise and dedication to deliver your needs. Consider Yempo to provide you with the best possible offshore outsourcing experience. To learn more, contact us today!