Why Outsourcing Marketing Tasks Is a Good Idea for Startups

Why Outsourcing Marketing Tasks Is a Good Idea for Startups

Traditional marketing is very much alive—advertising through radio and television, newsletters, billboards, flyers, and newspaper print ads. But recent decades has witnessed a boom in internet or online marketing. Because of the large reach of the internet, various forms of online marketing such as email marketing, social media marketing and blog marketing have the power to reach a wider audience.

Companies, especially small- and medium-sized businesses and startups, would do well to hire a marketing specialist of their own or, better yet, put up their own Internet marketing department. But guess what? Having your own marketing department requires a lot of time, effort, and money to put up. Yup. Imagine the time and effort needed to actually search for qualified marketing professionals and then sift through the pool for the most qualified candidates. Imagine the money involved putting up that job ad and finally paying those qualified employees their salaries and benefits once hired. Pretty daunting, right?

Good thing for you is that you have another option, especially if you’re running a fledgling company. This is why outsourcing marketing tasks is a good idea for startups. Read on to learn more.

Reasons Why Outsourcing Marketing Tasks Is a Good Idea for Startups:

1. Your Startup Will Save Money

Startups are not really rolling in dough and largely dependent on venture capital. Consider these costs if you choose to hire your own marketing professionals:

• Hiring one marketing expert in-house will command a hefty price, especially when you factor in the additional cost of benefits, taxes, office space, equipment, etc.
• Imagine employing an entire digital marketing team. These costs will multiply!
• What if these employees require overtime work? Additional costs!
• What about the cost of marketing training and certifications to keep the team up-to-date?

This list may seem daunting. With outsourcing, you don’t even need to go through these. The outsourcing partner you choose will provide these items to their employees.

2. You Can Generate Fresh Ideas

Marketing training and certifications are important if you want a more-than-competent team running your startup’s marketing strategies, activities, and tactics. Tapping outsourced marketing professionals will give you a fresh perspective and new concepts for campaigns. Outsourcing companies do their homework to know the client better to be able to provide the best talent.

3. Professionals for Your Company

To create a brilliant campaign or to market your startup’s product or service, you will need a brilliant copywriter, an uber-creative graphic designer, a social media expert, an experienced marketing strategist. Fortunately, outsourced marketing teams are readily available one umbrella.

If you are considering outsourcing your marketing functions, consider Yempo to provide you a pool of dedicated, skilled talent. To learn more, contact us today!