Yempo had a lot to Celebrate in December - Here is What We Did

Yempo had a lot to Celebrate in December – Here is What We Did

Yempo had a lot to celebrate in December of 2015!

*see our update for the Yempo Foundation below. 

Makati Christmas Party

On Wednesday 16th December our Makati team had a fabulous buffet dinner at Escolta Restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel. Jun Garcia (client facing) was awarded Employee of the Year (Makati) and John Toledo (client facing) received the Directors’ Special Mention.

Makati Christmas Party
The Makati team in front of the beautiful Christmas Tree at the Peninsula Hotel Makati
Employee of the year
Jun Garcia was our Employee of the Year, Makati
Director's Special Mention
John Toledo was Directors’ Special Mention, Makati

Cebu Office Opening

We hadn’t previously officially opened our Cebu office, so we launched the festivities with a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, speeches and office tour.

Cutting the ribbon
Travis Page, Michelle Fiegehen and our guest Ma’am Nancy Abad cut the ribbon
Our CEO, Michelle Fiegehen,
Our CEO, Michelle Fiegehen, spoke about the history of Yempo and the future direction

Cebu Christmas Party

Later the same evening, the Cebu team had a buffet dinner at the Henry hotel, including games, dancing and presentations. Gab Varon (Yempo) received the Employee of the Year (Cebu) and Skippher Lumbab (client facing) the Directors’ Special Mention.

Strike a Pose
Strike a Pose – Lorraine Gorre, Euneez Chua, Annabelle Noval and Anna Coritico from the Cebu office.
Homer Obeja and Michelle Fiegehen
Homer Obeja’s client gave staff the evening off from their usual night shift to attend the party (pictured with Michelle Fiegehen)
Euneez Chua
Euneez Chua was Master of Ceremonies for the evening
Yempo Cebu
The Cebu Team

Childrens’ Joy Foundation

Happy Girl
A little girl that was very happy to receive her gifts

On Saturday 19th December, the weary Cebu team headed to the Childrens’ Joy Foundation, an orphanage in nearby Talamban.

Children’s Joy Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization that originally provided basic needs like food, clothes, and education to destitute children. They expanded their services with community-based programs such as feeding programs for malnourished children in poor areas, free medical and dental services, livelihood projects to the beneficiaries’ parents and scholarship grants to poor children who could not afford to go to school.

Charles was a very affectionate little boy

In the Talamban branch, there are 20 children under 15 years old. Most of these children came from the streets; some were adopted by the foundation because their parents could not afford to provide the daily basic needs; some have drug-addicted parents. They are given food (three meals per day), shelter, clothing, schooling (tuition, books, uniforms), and love and care from their head mistress and other staff.

The Yempo team delivered lunch and snacks, clothes, shoes and toys, and a 25 kg sack of rice. The children sang and danced for us and were very excited with the gifts.

Yempo cebu with the children
Group shot of Yempo with the children


Update for the Yempo Foundation

The Yempo Foundation we planned to launch has been put on hold. Instead, we’ve teamed with an existing foundation as they change people’s lives with their children’s’ feeding program.

We seek your engagement and commitment to help make a real and lasting difference. Our plans to launch our own foundation have been set aside for the time being while we work with Present Group, an Australian company that has a foundation in the Philippines supporting underprivileged school children.

Currently, 300 children are provided with a hot meal each day at the Inawayan School in Cebu, the program is designed to meet the most basic of human needs and aimed at giving children the chance to focus on school instead of the pain of hunger. The attendance and learning results speak for themselves and at the small cost of just 0.75 AUD per child per day or less than the cost of 1 coffee a week, you can make a measurable positive impact to a young child’s life.

If you would like to know more or donate, please ask me – you can provide a daily meal for a child for a full year for less than AUD$130 per annum. You can sponsor 1, 5, 10 children or more. Contact me directly on [email protected].

100% of funds donated go to supporting the children.