Selecting a Finance Outsourcing Partner

Your outsourcing partner can either make or break your company. For every finance outsourcing company out there that’s reliable, professional, and provides great value for your money, there is another that just isn’t a good fit.

This is the reason it’s important to do your research well before selecting a finance outsourcing partner. Finance and accounting are two of the most important parts of a business. It goes without saying that it is crucial to have all your company’s finances organized meticulously. Contrary to popular belief, a company’s accounting isn’t relegated to the end of the year and forgotten the rest of the time; it is a year-long operation that is done with accuracy.

This is where outsourcing comes in. While many small and medium businesses have in-house finance and accounting staff, this can be difficult to maintain in the long run. Selecting a finance outsourcing partner can be one of the smartest decisions you can make for your business, provided that you choose the best outsourcing partner you can find that also has your company’s success in mind.

Here are some guidelines to selecting a good finance outsourcing partner:

Better Efficiency


A finance should be able to provide fast, accurate work while you spend your valuable time improving operations, focusing on serving customers better, and just growing your business.

Lower Costs


Outsourcing your finance and accounting can eliminate some costs associated with hiring full-time employees. You will only need to pay one fixed monthly rate for everything, which already includes salary, taxes, health insurance, and other benefits, saving you on average a whopping 40% monthly.

Eliminate Fraud


Many small- and medium-sized businesses have one accounting person in charge of everything money-related, increasing the risk of fraud. Outsourcing your accounting, even though your accounting staff will be thousands of miles away, ensures that there are checks and balances in place to prevent fraud.

Highly Skilled and Experienced Staff


A reputable finance outsourcing partner will provide you with a team of qualified, skilled, and experienced bookkeepers, accountants, and other types of financial experts with significant accounting, tax, and compliance knowledge. In addition, outsourcing to a trustworthy service provider ensures that your company is compliant with the all-important changes in income and sales tax and reporting laws, among others.

Up-to-Date Accounting Software


What better way to compliment highly qualified, skilled, and experienced accounting staff but with up-to-date accounting software available today? When you decide to outsource your accounting, finance, and bookkeeping functions, find an outsourcing partner that can provide you access to current accounting software that can get the job done. This cost should be included in the monthly fee that you are paying.

 Manage Your Business Better


What type of information are you receiving today from your finance system? Is it actually timely information? When you outsource your finance and accounting functions, clearly stipulate that you you must receive valuable and real-time information on all the aspects of your business with the click of a mouse.

 Ability to Scale

selecting finance outsourcing partner

When outsourcing your finance and accounting functions, choose a partner that will allow you to scale your business. Instead of distracting yourself with recruiting accounting employees, employing an outsourcing service provider will allow you to focus your energies on hiring in-house sales staff that you can train to master the intricacies of your business and bring in the money directly.

Helping You Grow Rapidly

Outsourcing finance functions could be pivotal to growing your businesses. Take time to select an outsourcing partner that can work well and navigate business challenges with you. If you are a business new to, Yempo can guide you and get your started on this journey. Contact us today!