Customized Outsourcing Analysis

Interested to know how much you could save if you moved some of your roles offshore? Have an idea of how to go about it but don’t know where to start?

Completely Customized and Confidential Analysis

We have over 10 years experience identifying, planning, and transitioning work to offshore locations and want to share it with you. We analyse your workforce to determine the best roles to target for migrating offshore.

We complete a market scan to find skills availability and pricing, and extrapolate those costs for you to show complete savings.

Our customized report outlines how to select a partner, different types of outsourcing models, what can go wrong, and how to ensure success.

Three-Year Cost Savings Based on Your Roles

Do you pay bonuses to your staff? Superannuation? Profit Share? Workers Compensation?

We complete a full cost model based on your business rules to demonstrate savings over a three-year period.

Transition Plan

It’s not enough to just demonstrate cost savings.

  • How do you go about the actual offshoring process? Our report guides you through the first functions to move offshore to ensure success and how to position it with your current workforce.

  • Concerned about culture gaps? We provide guidelines on how to build positive, harmonious relationships with your new global team.

  • Want to set up your own offshore company but don’t know how to start? We can provide the step-by-step process and recommend organisations that can assist you.
  • Need to find a trusted partner? Our report outlines what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to evaluate the true cost.

Start Growing Your Business With Yempo

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us:


Managing Partner

“Partnering with Yempo was the single best decision we ever made.”

-New to offshoring

“Yempo is an extremely professional organization and it has been an absolute pleasure working side by side with them to build the great team we have in Manila”.

-New to offshoring


Service Delivery Manager


General Manager

"Having an Australian living in the Philippines definitely helped as Michelle was able to understand the differences in cultural and legal requirements of each country.”

-Transitioned from a registered Philippine Company into Yempo

“It was important to me to have access to the senior levels of the organization to openly discuss my challenges and concerns. Yempo provided this, with Michelle being highly accessible.”

-Transitioned into Yempo from another Service Provider


Managing Director


Managing Director

"Yempo provided a solution where we could scale staff in our business whilst controlling employment costs and ensuring we kept customer satisfaction very high."

-New to offshoring

Start Growing Your Business With Yempo

Our Package

Full analysis of your opportunity developed under NDA for only $299

  • Complete customized outsourcing analysis
  • Analysis for up to 30 positions – choose a team, department or site
  • Full three-year model of cost savings
  • Guide to selecting a trusted partner
  • Step-by-step plan for transition
  • Culture guide

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