Key Outsourcing Solutions for Businesses

Yempo: Key Outsourcing Solutions for Your Businesses

The world today has become more connected thanks to the internet. For businesses, one significant contribution of the internet is the opening of opportunities for outsourcing solutions. As a result, the once-exclusive practice of hiring and training employees in-house has evolved to having third-party companies provide these employees.

Today, businesses such as yours can now access top, global talent without having to worry about ballooning overhead costs because your operations will continue wherever these outsourced employees are.

Outsourcing is the strategic utilization of external resources to execute jobs that were traditionally performed by an internal workforce. This hiring method has become integral to many companies in the modern world, helping slash labor costs and allow business owners to focus on critical areas of operations.

Yempo, a world-class business process outsourcing (BPO) agency, provides critical offshoring solutions that could be the answer your firm is looking. With an exceptional staff and specialized skills, our company delivers flexible services tailored to your needs. Here are the key industries in which we offer specialized outsourcing expertise:

Information Technology

Setting up a whole information technology (IT) infrastructure is quite expensive, especially for startups and growth-stage businesses. IT outsourcing, as defined by Gartner, is the delivery of IT-enabled application service, support, and business process by external service providers to achieve positive outcomes.

Yempo has a pool of experts such as testers and developers, technical support analysts, service desk staff and infrastructure engineers, all of whom possess vast experience in the field. With over 60% of the entire outsourcing market comprised of IT freelancers, it’s no wonder more companies are choosing to outsource part or all IT functions to third-party service providers such as Yempo.

Finance and Accounting

Outsourcing finance and accounting functions is increasingly appreciated by firms worldwide because it streamlines complex business systems, structures, and processes. It also helps to meet demand in a timely manner for more effective and efficient finance and accounting operations. Consequently, outsourcing will reduce back-office process costs and can add value to the support system of this sector.

Yempo offers outsourced financial activities that enable businesses to improve turnaround of accounts management, compliance reporting and other functions. Some of the skills our professionals deliver include bookkeeping, payroll management, and financial reporting, among others.

Engineering Outsourcing Solutions

While outsourcing is typically linked with customer care or manufacturing, outsourced engineering services are becoming more commonplace today. It bridges the skills gap, improves time to market, and controls costs especially when it comes to resources that are otherwise expensive to build from scratch.

At Yempo, improving your throughput by offshoring some of your engineering workforce or resources is more than possible. The team of Yempo outsourced engineering solutions has a vast knowledge of software and technical skills to supplement or transition project requirements so that you can focus on core business elements more.

Administration and Research

As a company expands, so does administrative work. Outsourcing administration and research are unconventional, but many owners today opt to have a virtual assistant (VA) who does the job remotely and performs on-demand functions.

Offshoring administration and research is the easiest decision you can make. Yempo provides the right assistant you need to cater to your ad hoc or ongoing administrative requirements. From organizing events to maintaining daily schedules, opting for Yempo’s outsourcing solutions can add more value to your business.

Business Development

When you want your company to grow, business development is a significant key to your success. Whether its email marketing, social media management or market analysis, there are many strategies to ensure that you’re on the right track.

These services are offered by Yempo’s business development outsourcing team, wherein tasks like transcription, data entry, and research, among others are fulfilled by remote professionals. They can bridge the gap via skills and expertise.

Human Resources

Human resources functions can be outsourced in several ways. It could be through application HR service, wherein the supplier oversees the infrastructure, or through shared service outsourcing that subcontracts transactional elements to the third-party provider. Another option involves a BPO company, where the entire HR function or discreet activities like recruitment or payroll are delegated to the external provider.

HR outsourcing solutions from Yempo can deliver all these functions and more, depending on what you require. A dedicated team will be able to work at the same time zone as yours and seamlessly integrate HR activities to boost your existing workforce.

Digital Marketing

Yempo provides you with flexible outsourcing solutions when it comes to outsourced digital marketing because it has the experts and resources to guarantee 100% dedication to your digital marketing strategy. If you want more specific, results-driven offerings, the company’s Social Media Solutions (SMS) subsidiary can take your online presence and brand recognition to a whole new level.


Yempo understands how crucial it is for startups to have timely delivery of any product or service because the competition does not wait for anyone. As such, Yempo offers fast-track services that enable a dedicated team to handle any key area in which you might need support.

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