What Do Employees Look for in a Company?

What Do Employees Look for in a Company?

Every employee wants to have a fulfilling and well-paying career with fantastic benefits. In the same breath, all organizations want to have a satisfied and engaged employees. This means creating a conducive work environment where employees can connect, perform their work well, and stay with the organization.

A research study from Hay group concluded that highly engaged employees are more productive at work by at least 50% compared with their less engaged counterparts. Businesses with a highly engaged workforce outdo their rivals in the following aspects: 54% in employee retention, 89% in customer satisfaction, and four times in revenue growth.

What do employees want?

While there is no magic formula for complete employee engagement, an employee typically looks for the following to stay with their employer:


It is natural for an employee to work for the money. It is a basic need to survive and feed one’s family. The compensation should be commensurate with the employee’s capabilities and competitive. Besides the compensation, an employee also looks for employers that can offer healthcare and other benefits that make work more pleasant.

Job Security

Job security plays an important role in a higher-level of employee engagement. It is a huge motivation to know that a company will do its best to retain good employees. In contrast, it is disheartening for an employee to think that he can be retrenched from services without warning. The need is to have a proper, well laid-out procedure that spells out in no uncertain words how an employee would be exited.

Flexible Work Hours

While the 9-to-5 workplace continues to exist, some workplaces have adopted flexible work hours especially since many employees are working from home. Flexible work hours were evolved to provide a balance or enable the employees to meet family or personal obligations. Some companies also offer more vacation and health-related days than what is government-mandated.

Meaningful Work

Evolved organizations of today ask employees what purposeful work means to them within the company’s domain. Employees want to take pride in their work, knowing that what they do adds value to the organization and that they play a significant role in the whole scheme of things.

Career Path

Corollary to meaningful work is employee career growth. Very few employees worth their mettle want to remain stuck in one position forever. Most aspire to recognition and promotion and look for organizations that can offer the possibility of career advancement. Where would they be 3 or 5 years from now? What experience or skills can they gain with the company?

Healthy Work Environment

While conflict is inevitable anywhere, employees need a workplace that has little, if not free of, office politics, and where everyone works in harmony as a team. Healthy work environments and even a bit of healthy competition is important for employee engagement.


Employees who are appreciated, rewarded, and lauded for their good services are satisfied and enthusiastic. The appreciation need not be in monetary terms only. Sometimes a word of appreciation, a tap on the back, or giving credit where and when it is due can work wonders to motivate employees.

Good Management

The top management that values its employees, takes good care, motivates, and rewards them for good service is bound to attract more applicants and have higher employee engagement. The employees in turn would exert more effort to do their job and achieve their goals.

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