Why Startups Should Outsource a Bookkeeper from the Philippines

How to Find Remote Employees for Bookkeeping

Managing key processes efficiently is critical for any business’s success, and bookkeeping is no exception. Bookkeeping is the first stage of accounting, mainly involving recording and organizing financial information. It is an administrative task that can be carried out in-house or by a remote specialist, and this blog post will look at finding remote employees to fill bookkeeping roles. 

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a vital process for any company to ensure all financial transactions are recorded, organized, and monitored on regularly. It is typically a bookkeeper’s job to record all day-to-day financial transactions within a business. With this process efficiently in place, you can keep an eye on financial information to understand what transactions are being made within your company. This can help you budget accurately and support for decision-making.

Why Use Remote Employees for Bookkeeping? 

Every business needs to keep track of its financial transactions, regardless of the size of the company, location, or industry; therefore, hiring the right person to oversee it all is crucial. Hiring an in-house bookkeeper can be costly, but going down the DIY route isn’t recommended either. Thankfully, there is a third option that suits businesses of all sizes: outsource the bookkeeper role to a remote employee. As the way we work is changing, remote working and work-from-home arrangements are becoming more popular, and hiring a remote workforce shouldn’t be off the cards.

There are a number of benefits that come with hiring a remote bookkeeper, with the main advantage being its cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing provides a solid solution that will help your business save money without compromising on the quality of employees because you won’t need to pay for their benefits, office space, or training – all of which are pricey! 

Other benefits include the following:


  • Allow your staff to focus on their own roles
  • Distribute time more effectively
  • Improved work-life balance for employees
  • Improve your company with skilled workers
  • In-house and remote team members can work together
  • Knowledgable and experienced staff
  • More time to focus on your business

If you think outsourcing your bookkeeping could suit your business, our next section will outline how to find remote employees to fill that role.

How do You Find Remote Employees for Bookkeeping? 

Finding remote workers doesn’t have to be a complicated process if you work with an experienced, understanding company that offers outsourcing solutions for the roles you require. You won’t have to crawl through LinkedIn or job applications for hours on end because a third-party company can do this for you.

At Yempo, we can source the right staff for your company. We do this by screening and shortlisting potential staff, and you take over the interview process to assess whether they will be the right match for the role. If you find the right candidate, let us know, and we will offer them the role and conduct relevant security checks.

Contact us today if outsourcing your bookkeeping role is the right option for you.