Growing Your Empire One Step At A Time: The Virtual Executive Assistant

Growing Your Empire One Step At A Time: The Virtual Executive Assistant

Outsourcing gives the flexibility of cost-effectively running business operations for small, medium and large businesses alike. Companies outsource jobs to save on operational costs while continuing to be efficient and profitable. Outsourcing, which is essentially subcontracting work or tasks to an outside person or entity is also known as “offshoring” when done internationally. It’s highly motivating for companies to outsource because of the skills and expertise of outsourced staff as well as the considerable savings in running day-to-day operations by the offshore staff as compared to when it’s done by in-office full-time employees.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the concept of outsourcing may still be something that they feel is something tailored only for large corporations. Fortunately, with the outlook of outsourcing in our present time, this is not the case.

Small and medium-sized businesses would normally require administrative tasks to be done as part of daily operations, as with all businesses. Nowadays, you can simply outsource these menial tasks so that the more important stuff can be done by the staff based in the office. These tasks can include receptionist duties, research work, data entry and data processing, customer service handling, social media management and many others.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help with Your Business

If you’re a business owner, your time is best spent in growing your business. Having a virtual assistant (VA) around to assist you with the lighter administrative tasks that need to be done will be a serious investment towards you being more focused on running your business.

10 Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Calendar and schedule management
  • Confirm meetings and record-keeping
  • Email response handling – Sending and responding to your emails
  • Travel research and planning
  • Social media management
  • Web research and data entry/processing
  • Reports management, Data presentation
  • Chase up business or performing marketing tasks
  • Follow up or return phone calls

Businesses and startup entrepreneurs can benefit widely in using one singular virtual assistant or even a team of co-working VAs for practically everything that can be done online. A virtual assistant becomes a part of your staff and team, who just happens to work remotely.

If you never seem to have enough time on your hands, hiring a virtual assistant might just be the answer you’re looking for. Get in touch with us today to find out more, and our outsourcing specialists will reach out to you in no time!

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