Content Marketing Outsourcing

Factors to Consider when Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

With the advent of social media, a more implicit type of guerilla advertisement technique called content marketing has emerged, with many companies outsourcing this function to reliable third-party service providers. Content marketing includes employing social media, videos, blogs, and other strategic online placements and content to increase the public interest in a product.

There is debate about the advantages of content marketing over traditional advertising, but definitely the former has great psychological impact on the general populace as so-called, self-styled ‘influencers’ implicitly entice end-customers to try different products and services. A good example of content marketing is social media personalities who post videos or images of themselves on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram playing video games while sipping a specific brand of soft drinks, eating a bag of potato chips, or unboxing a branded toy. There is a good chance that audiences seeing such content could be fascinated to try the ‘advertised’ products.

What Drives Content Marketing Outsourcing?

While it has been easy for social media personalities to market brands this way, it isn’t so easy for everyone. For personalities or brands that have, say 10 million followers on their channels, a 1% conversion rate would mean a million in sales. For the average startup company or small business with a small traditional marketing team, the numbers will be much, much lower. For this reason, it is important to consider outsourcing content marketing to digital marketing companies as they have the experience, expertise, and understanding of the factors of this type of marketing strategy:

Social media

Content marketing service providers understand how to directly communicate with the audience and respond to online inquiries on social media for that personal touch, something that many big-brand, and faceless advertisers could not previously do.

Lower Costs

Creating TV commercials costs the fees of the actors, directors, videographers, editors, product stylists, makeup and hair stylists, and other production members, not to mention expensive equipment and space to shoot the ad. Above that, you need to pay TV airtime with no guarantees that the advertisement would work. In content marketing, outsourcing companies know that production costs are much lower as they take advantage of the video logs with the simpler production and home-made look.

Human Psychology

People want authentic feedback from real people who use products and services in their daily lives, not paid actors who promote beauty products in TV ads. For this reason, content marketing service providers know how to take advantage of personal stories or testimonials to provide unbiased feedback about products and services.


Content marketing agencies have the expertise to navigate the labyrinth of social media channels and data-driven advertising, giving clients a variety of formats to choose from. Digital marketing specialists can recommend the types of content that can be used to increase awareness and consideration for your brand: whether it is a fun and short vlog, a longer and business-like blog, daily social media posts, image-heavy content calendar, or online ads.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Content Marketing Needs

When your business does not have the expertise nor finances to create traditional advertising, it is best to outsource your content marketing to a reliable and expert service provider. The benefits of doing this are numerous, including:

  1. Outsourcing content marketing does not require expensive production equipment and advertising space or time from you. The service provider should be able to offer you end-to-end content marketing services from creating the strategy, the copy and visuals, setting up the social channels, and other requirements.
  2. Outsourcing your digital marketing needs costs less than building an in-house team of regular employees who have to set up all arrangements for making just one advertisement, who have to be paid regularly with benefits, and who requirement office space.
  3. Outsourcing companies offer flexible contracts, allowing you graceful exists if the strategies don’t provide your desired results or to extend the contract if the optimum results are achieved. No need to invest in expensive productions, air times and space.
  4. Social media marketing provides quantified connection, engagement, and feedback from your audience.
  5. Social media advertising allows for very detailed targeting tactics, down to the specific age bracket, specific location, even the profession of the audience. You can be assured that the content makers research deeply to know the market well.
  6. Planning and setting up a campaign require only a few days. It is going to save you a lot of time and headache.

Content Marketing and the Law

With the world becoming more “woke” every day, it is easy to offend someone with your online advertisement. For legal purposes, it is important to make clear with your outsourcing service provider a few things to avoid a lawsuit, before starting your content marketing campaign:

  1. Use original content.
  2. Credit content taken from other sources.
  3. Make sure you own all the materials advertised and contents used.
  4. Avoid using controversial statements.
  5. Document your advertising contracts carefully.

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