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It's so easy to hire Administration staff through Yempo. The trigger for hiring offshore admin staff may be that you've had a resignation in your onshore team, or growth is driving increased headcount, or maybe a valued employee has been promoted.

Whatever the reason, just get in touch and either provide a job description, or chat to us about the requirements of the role - what the staff member will be doing and what background is necessary for their success. Then leave it with us.

Within 7-10 days you'll receive details of fully screened candidates ready to be slotted into your own HR practices - whether that's one interview, two interviews, a test - whatever! Our candidates are fully briefed on the requirements of the role and are excited for the opportunity to work with you.

Up until this point you've paid nothing.

Once you've found the perfect candidate, you commit to the monthly costs and then we send an employment contract to the candidate. Once they've signed on, it's just like our tagline says - they are "Your Employees Offshore". We leave you to build a relationship with the employee and work directly with them while we cover all the pastoral care - payroll, health insurance, HR oversight and a wide range of events and engagement activities to keep retention hire.

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