Financial Management Outsourcing

Yempo provides customized recruitment to meet your specific requirements.

Below is just a sample of some of the many financial management positions that are easy to offshore to the Philippines to high caliber, well trained staff with excellent English language capability.

We can tailor fit any type of position that your organization needs with our flexible staffing solutions. Contact us to find out how to move your functions offshore.

  • Paraplanner


    A Paraplanner is responsible for preparing financial analyses for clients, including retirement analysis, estate-planning analysis, education-funding analysis, stock options analysis and risk management needs analysis. They also…

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  • Management Accountant

    Management Accountant

    A Management Accountant is responsible for interpreting financial information to make business decisions. They provide business data and analysis to managers within organizations to assist…

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  • Financial Planner

    Financial Planner

    A Financial Planner is responsible for preparing financial and business related analysis and research, drafting consolidated forecasts and budgets, and analyzing trends in revenue, expense, capital…

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  • Financial Manager

    Financial Manager

    A Financial Manager is responsible for preparing or overseeing the preparation of financial reports, such as income statements, balance sheets, and analyzing of future earnings or expenses.…

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  • Financial Analyst

    Financial Analyst

    A Financial Analyst is responsible for analyzing company financial statements and commodity prices, sales, costs, expenses, and tax rates to determine a company’s value. They…

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  • Financial Accountant

    Financial Accountant

    A Financial Accountant is responsible for performing external audits by examining financial statements to determine whether they are 'true and fair' to 'assure' an organization that it…

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  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

    Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

    A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is responsible for maintaining and auditing financial records. They perform duties related to bookkeeping, preparation of government audits, taxes, and financial…

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  • Budget Analyst

    Budget Analyst

    A Budget Analyst is responsible for developing, analyzing, and executing budgets. They evaluate the relationships between major program changes and the financial status of organizations…

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  • Bookkeeper


    A Bookkeeper is responsible for preparing financial statements and reports, budget, bills, and ledgers. They receive, approve, and /or decline client invoices and keep track of client…

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  • Auditor


    An Auditor is responsible for analyzing sources to find out whether a company's records present its true financial situation. They examine and evaluate the financial system…

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  • Accountant


    An accountant is responsible for ensuring accurate and appropriate recording and analysis of revenue and expenses, resolving accounting discrepancies and irregularities, and establishing and monitoring the implementation…

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